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Suggestion for a change to the settings of mw3some playlist.. Feedback wanted/needed


Right good folks of the forum and wider CoD community..


So I came up with a few ideas to change the settings in the mw3some playlist, As it stands the mw3some playlist is basically a smaller moshpit and while there's nothing wrong with it its not really bringing anything new to the table. So I though why not mix it up a little and make it stand out as something different. As most of you know im a hardcore player and was thinking know what "might" be cool a sort of mix up of the two modes but without the negative aspects both sides of the hc/core fence hate. A sort of one size fits all playlist if you will, that both hc and core fans could get something out of.




So my three suggestions are and bear with me before screaming for the tar and feathers as i have tried to reason why i came up with each point..


1) No always on mini map, mini maps would obviously only appear if someone has it equipped as a killstreak. Now this may scare some people but can I remind you it's how cod4 was (and everyone lurves cod4 remember) and it's how it is in hc and we do just fine as people use a killstreak slot its called team work). Also without a permanent mini map people might try something different in the ghost perk slot ,-wishful thinking


2) No killcams, now some of you might be thinking ok mac's been at the coolaid again. But I was thinking no killcams makes it slightly more exciting and people aren't wasting time getting hung up over a death and makes the game just that bit faster.Yes you wont know where you got shot from but that works both ways.


3) You start with 75% health, originally I was going to add no health regen as well but figured that would freak the core peeps out too much:P, while 75% health may sound like a wierd idea I did chose it for a reason.. its still enough base health to survive a nade as you would in in core, but means you don't have to fire as many shots making kills quicker and nods towards the hc fans.



There's only three changes but I felt these would give the playlist an edge and make the game more interesting/tactical/exciting and bring back a bit of that good old cod4 magic.


So want you guys think? Please remember this is for feedback and suggestions no one is right or wrong all opinions count.