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Black Ops 2 Zombies-Titles,Emblems, etc.

Since Zombies is now on the Multiplayer engine i had thought whether or not Treyarch will be giving us an exact replica of the actual multiplayer features from  the previous games.            


I am a bigger fan of the zombies than the actual multiplayer and i know alot of the fans are too. So wouldnt it be a good idea to give us:  Titles, Emblems and even Accolades? I think that it would be more rewarding than just trying to get to a higher round.
Thats all i really ask for.


But if they were to take it further, they could give us a ranking system for zombies too. It would show how experienced we are. But also, if they were to do that, i would expect a leaderboard! That tells us how many zombies we killed, downs we've had,revives,money had/spent,highest round,Most used gun,most upgraded gun, etc.

                                                                                    LET ME KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS(: