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Found a strategy that works


Wait till I die 4-5 times.  If half are due to lag I quit.  Flat out, no exceptions. 


Sucks for  everyone else, but, err, fark ya all.


It's actually worked out well.  Instead of 90% of my time I'm a sitting duck, I spend maybe 20% of my time in lobbies, 20% playing the first 1-2 minutes of games, and after that it's all good.  Goes from 90% bad to over 50% good. 


Been doing this for the past week or so and, for me, it's worked out well.  Of course, that means for the rest of you I made things worse.  So sad too bad.  My $60 are worth more to me than your $60.

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    lol - i occasionally do something similar, after the first few deaths i can see how the whole lag thing is going, so if im on the bad end i back out - it host migrates, then i try rejoin the game and its much better