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I can't play MW3 because of Steam! Please help!

I bought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 off ebay in 2011. Only problem is the guy I bought it from had already activated the game on his own Steam account.


He gave us his Steam username and password so we could play the game on our own computer through his account and everything worked fine. But then I forgot his username and password.


I can't access the account and therefore can't play the game. I tried opening a new steam account and installing the game again but it said "This keycode is activated to another steam account"


Also, the guy we bought it from has deleted his ebay account so we can't contact him to get the username and password.


I tried cantacting steam and they said "We can't give you the details unless you can provide proof that you purchased the game".


All I want to do is play the game that I paid for, but I can't becuase Steam is absolute pants!


Any suggestions or ideas would be incredibly helpful.


Thanks, Adam.