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MW3 Slow Map loading



I have MW3 for the pc. I played it for months with no problems,  stopped playing for a few months then came back. Now every time I join a lobby,  when the lobby merges, my mouse freezes (while the other players are loading  their map). Then roughly 30 seconds later, my map starts to load (which also  takes way longer than it used to). Once I get into the game, it runs great. When  the match is finished, and it goes to place the players back in the lobby, I  also lag solid for 20 seconds or so. This happens without fail every single  match. I have reinstalled windows completely, reinstalled the game, reinstalled  steam, checked all drivers etc. I installed once from the cd, and once from  steam download, to see if maybe I had a scratch causing a corrupt file. There  was no difference, and the same problems occurred with both install methods.


I have windows 7 home premium 64bit
My pc is a Gigabyte M68MT-S2 with  8 gigs of ram and an AMD FX
4100 Quad. Direct X 11. The graphics card is a  Radeon HD 6670.


I know some may say "Oh it's radeon, they suck". But I  never had this problem before.


I have researched for days and tried  dozens of solutions from users including but not limited to the above mentioned,  as well as deleting particular files in the steam folder, and every other  solution on the interwebz.


I hope that someone has had a similar problem  and hopefully a solution. I appreciate any responses.