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Soldier moving alone

hi, i would like to know what to do:

When I play MW3 whether it is "special ops" or the "campaign" I, the soldier , will either:

- freeze and unable to do anything or

- keep moving on its own in one direction by itself until stck /stopped by a wall or something....

Am I hacked ?

I tried playing at various time of days or nights, I unplugged thw wii from all cables for days then plug back ..that still occurs within minutes of playing ...I check my wireless internet and all seems ok ..I got a good key....WPA2....

I need help as I cannot play anything anymorre ....

Is it a bug?



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    Is your nunchuck messed up? Maybe the batteries on your wii remote are low?

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    I've run into that "one-direction-walk" problem before. From what I read, the glitch is caused when you plug your Nunchuk into the Wiimote while the stick is pushed off-center, making the Wii interpret that off-center position as the default (center) position and screwing up the game. Unplugging and re-plugging the Nunchuck with the analog stick in the center should fix it.