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Question to developers:

You are going to do something with a problem cheaters in game???

Why you think, what we will suffer it???

I to all friends have advised not to buy game CoD, until then while you will not start to solve a problem!!!

I will ignore purchase BO2 because of cheaters!!! And my friends too!!!

Also I am going to lift actively this theme in social networks, at me it is a lot of readers where I can actively agitate to ignore your product...

It will be until you will not take measures and will not give to us what or explanations!!!

That you do the only thing are a sale dlc!!! And all....

I paid money and advertised your game for the sake of it??? That at me possibility was not normal to play and have a rest???

My friends do not play мв3 only for this reason!!! They dissuaded me from purchase мв3, but I have not listened to them...

Now I regret for it....


I demand explanations!!!


sorry for my English


    YA MAN.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,  This is activision? seriously?? wtf... it's a multi million or billion? dollar company!!!  you guys ******* suck... Dude I'm coming down to your corporate office with vid cameras shoved in your face to confront your shitty devs & anyone else tied to activision and this shitty cod game series... I am hiring a P.I. to find all you who made & market & still sell this game and dlc's for pc & confront you on the street with a camera shoved in your face and a load of ******* questions as to why your game is hacked the **** up so bad and why you do nothing about it & still try to sell dlc for a multiplayer game that is nothing but cheaters..???? 


    the ******* game should not be sold for PC!!! it's a ******* rip off!!! your robbing your customers!! it's nothing but cheaters on your pc multiplayer & yet you still try to sell the game to us & you still try to sell us dlc's for a hacked up multiplayer..

    you are scum!!!

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      I personally know 23 persons which have refused purchase BO2

      All of them my friends, in my city, 5 of them live in my house, at the next entrances.

      As they have ceased to play mw3...

      Each of 23 persons with pleasure agitate other people that they ignored new release СoD

      As, each of them, writes propaganda on the pages in social networks, especially in VK (analogue facebook in russia)...

      And on facebook too...


      If each person who is dissatisfied with inactivity of developers, convinces 20 friends and acquaintances учавствовать of ignoring of games CoD it will be not a small damage...


      We can get rid of this idiocy only together, all together.

      Who does not use everyone cheats, should respond and participate in it flashmob that developers have understood at last that for the received money, it is necessary to work and respect the users.


      Tell where only it is possible, to all friends and acquaintances,

      That we will not suffer it any more!!!


      Let they will get into debt, let their insurance policies will departure in a toilet bowl, let they become vagabonds,

      Can then they will understand that we not an empty place.


      It has really passed for all frameworks of the reasonable...


      Together we force!!!

      Yes there will arrive with us force!!!

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        i don't blame your friends.. I know they are talking about new anticheat and report system but i would advise anyone to wait & see if a youtube vid pops up with someone using a multihack & directing you to a site that sells the cheat, & watch the blops2 forums..

        if the forums have complaints about reporting blatant cheaters that arent getting banned then you shouldn't buy the game....


    i feel sorry for pc users more than most,Continually getting shafted by activision with minimal support and the hacking although happens in console is far worse on pc,however pretty a game is on pc id never buy one as any given game cannot go hack free for less than a week .

    a shame really

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      I fully agree with your views on customers being professionally disregarded and neglected - any other business doing what this company is doing would have been out of business real quick. I still suggest friend and fellow gamers to look elsewhere for a new shooter as this company doesn't give a fart about its clients - "we already received your money - so why bother"... yes true this time.. but there wont be a second round. Dear fellow honest gamers - look elsewhere and exercise your rights as consumer to teach these people about rights and wrongs.


    Hi guys. I played MW3 on steam today and i caught the hacker who turns into mig-29 i think.

    His name is BODdh !!!

    Link: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/715/2012110500002.jpg/

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      The matter is that it is senseless, to write about everyone читера, all of them will not remember...

      To that-that it is a lot of them!!!

      After each match they change nikname that have not time to send at all report...


      And on a theme, they have not found time at all though something to us to answer, we talk by itself...

      That it to worry, users any there mw3 write something at a forum...

      At them on a sale nose... And without a difference that we write to them, whether and without a difference will be chiters in new game or not...

      They it is absolute us do not respect, a current smile on presentations...


      Current they do not understand simple true: all comes back..., it is the karma law...

      Well, they have deceived us, they are indifferent to us..., but too most waits also for them...

      Not the fact that it will be connected with game...

      There can be it will in ordinary life... Not to pay attention to them their children or friends when the help is required to them...


      sorry for my English


    Just to add my name to the list of people not going to give this product series another cent.

    When I first bought MW3, sure enough, you could spot the occasional hacker/cheater, and it was annoying, but entering another game would usually fix it.

    Having played 3 solid days in a row now, around 3-6 hours per session, I believe I've been in around perhaps 5-6 rounds combined where a cheater wasn't blatantly obvious. 6 hours straight today and not a single game without one turned me to these forums.

    Signed up here just to give my **** You to the 'developers', seing there is absolutely no will to remove this 'cancer' of an otherwise excellent game series in all other respects.

    No friend of mine is going to play another of these games till there's irrevocable proof that the matter has been dealt with.

    goodbye, most likely forever.



    I try to play every day, in hope to see corrections...

    But!! Every day all is worse!!!

    Today only it was connected to game, and in an opposite command was 4 cheaters from 6 players!!!

    My command left at once.

    I am connected to other game, there again cheaters...


    At us laugh all and cheaters and developers...

    They spat on us...


    Unique exit to spit on them...


    As fragmented as the english is in this complaint to the developers of this game.  It is DEAD ON.


    Infinity Ward/Activision/Treyarch do not give a single rats ass for their customers that play multiplayer on the PC.


    I've also told other gamers to boycott BO2 as well.  As much as we want it, it's not worth $60US to repeatedly be ignored by these ********.




    f**ing cheaters every where.. and no action against them.. free fps games are far better then this fking piece of ****..

    btw its not your fault Infinity/activision i was dumb that i bought this piece of sh**!!


    I own this game for both PS3 and PC.  Haven't played in a while, decided to fire up my PC version in anticipation for Black Ops 2, which I planned on buying. 


    WOW, multiplayer is UNPLAYABLE. Every single game I join has a hacker/cheater in it....  no joke, every game I played.  Its just a matter of time before this happens to Black Ops 2.  I will not be playing this game online anymore, nor will I be purchasing Black Ops 2 for any of my game systems since I really only play PC nowadays.  Sorry Activision but you lost my sale... you lost it when you decided to let your mulitplayer get so bad that just about every game has hacker(s), and that the average joe gamer can't have fun playing anymore.  Not only that, but you seem to be handling this situation terribly, wheres the PR?  What a JOKE for an online mulitplayer game, I haven't seen anything this bad since Socom 1 on PS2.  You guys are giving yourselves a bad rep as as far as PC gamers go.


    I will not be buying Black Ops 2... I will be buying/playing other games instead... my life will go on... your sales will go down ... your reputation will diminish.  Get your sh!t together Activision/IW.

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      Well, the next installment of the COD franchise has hit the shelves.  IW has made their money from both MW3 plus their over-priced DLC. 


      All they need to do now is continue to keep quite, for a little while longer, until they can sweep this issue under the rug for good, as both players and hackers alike transition to Black Ops 2.


      Then, Treyarch can deal with all the "complainers" and "crybabies" who paid for a game that is ridden with mulitplayer hackers.  IW can then wipe their hands clean of this and say "whew, dodged that bullit!"