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do you guys even care about the cheaters?

I tried joining 8 games today.  8.  In a row.  3 of them had multiple hackers, the rest had at least 1.


You know, if you just implemented dedicated client run servers LIKE EVERY OTHER PC FPS GAME OUT THERE, admins from servers could easily ban those cheating and would prevent this widespread idiocy.



But since you don't want to do that, you could at least try to prevent it though other venues.



Apperently CoD is just a single player game now.


Thanks for ruinining CoD

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    Il y en a marre des tricheurs sur les servers de CoD !!!

    Je n'acheterais plus les jeux CoD car à chaque fois c'est la même histoire !

    Les administrateurs ne font rien pour bannir ces indésirables et quand on fait un report, rien ne change !


    J'en ai marre, CoD, c'est fini !


    There are tired of cheaters on servers CoD!

    I would buy more games CoD because every time it's the same story!

    Administrators do nothing to banish those unwanted and when you make a report, nothing changes!


    I'm tired, CoD, it's over!

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      Yep. its pathetic how they allow this cheating to go on & still try to sell this game for pc $50.. Not to forget that they're still trying to sell us dlc's for a game everyone can buy a cheat for & is cheating... hey activision!!!! you guys are ****ing bent..!! charging for dlc's on multiplayer with cheaters running rampant & many sites selling hax for the game... activision is the lowest of the low!!! absolute scum trying to take every penny from us & your mp is nothing but cheaters. they shouldn't be allowed to sell any of it... the game is broken/infested with cheaters & anyone can buy a cheat for it...  you shouldnt be allowed to sell us this crap!  it's a faulty product.


      Hi we're activision we care about our customers.... pay for our multiplayer maps on hacked pc version!!!!!!  It's only $15!!! You guys are a ****ing joke of a company.. go f*** yourselves!! & see ya soon!! 



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    I see a lot of emails and forum posts on the exact same topic - massive cheating with no consequence and little chance to get same stopped.

    I share the view that MW3 is being ruined as the many cheaters make the gaming experience, to say the least, less attractive and in order to play at fair levels and to have a fair chance you need to cheat as well - this is NOT the way !!

    I know that sometimes people who have talent are called cheaters for no other reason but pure talent, speed and practise - but there are definately a very large number of "individuals" who have neither of the beforementioned but still get amazing scores.

    I shall not say "thank you for ruining a great game" but I will definately use my consumer right to ban your products and seek elsewhere when looking for my new "shooter". The lack of responce to the massive forum outcries is yet another reminder that this company is not up to it and not aware of who paid their bonusses and salaries - but suggest you check and suggest other unhappy customers to look elsewhere.