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Wish I could Play for other Gamers~

I get frusterated with players on my team.. now before I explain why, i want to make it clear that im not full of myself in this game, i think im an above average player, but im not some crazy quickscope pro or 1 man army..


ill play against a party or clan, and ill do well.. i tend to be in 25-30 to about 14ish deaths, but then ill look at the rest of my team, and they are negative... I dont get it..


i mean all I do is point and shoot,  i dont do anything that remarkable, either im trying to get the flag, or im defending ours, how are they doing so terrible? now if there caping flags, then whatever, but they arent even doing that and dieing all the time... ill be running around, ill pass our spawn, and my whole team spawns up.. im like geez! you all died?


heres the thing, everyone starts somewhere, and i get some will not do well, but i see like my whole team do horribly..


i want to just grab their controller and play for them lol



ps i see alot of low ranked players for some reason wanting to be snipers.. which is very difficult to be and do very well being one.. so i tell them to use a gun class, because there 2-20 lol, but they can do what they want,, its just crazy to me

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    ERROR 6, i kinda understand your point and i was on another COD forum who would just "hammer" noobs and low "K" players. us noobs and low "K" players are our own worst enemy. we read a thread about "campers" well of course we don't want to be no stinking camper so we do dumb things like running right into the badguys. our biggest sin is we don't know the maps our weapons and how perks really work. we never got a handbook on how to play and watching a video from some 50K+ player doesn't help either. i have noticed now that it seems that a lot of players could care less about a team win and care more about KD and a possible M.O.A.B.believe me us low "K" players would like to be better its just something we have to deal with.

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    1: The skill of aiming accurately and fast, and reacting to enemy presences


    2: The skill of situational awareness: This is gathered through playing the game and the maps a multitude of times, learning where enemies are likely to be and where they spawn.


    3: The skill of knowing your boundaries and avoiding situations you can't win, never walking out into the open when using a shotgun or walking into close quarters with a sniper.


    4: The skill of never using the riot shield, and knowing which weapons that fit your playstyle.

    Some inaccurate weapons may be good for players with bad aim; AK47, CM901, MP5, PM-9.

    Most good players will use: ACR, Mk14, Type-95, MP7 and PP90M1.


    5: The skill of experience: This is the most valuable of all skills, and the most different between people. It what's separates godly players from good players.
    Godly players remember their successes, and manage to CREATE those situations again -- wile good and average players don't see the patterns that lead to success or failure consciously and only, at best, feel that they're doing something right or feel unsafe when doing something wrong.


    6: The skill of working as a team and using your teammates for cover, protection and bait.
    Two players have 200 health and deal double damage.
    Three players have 300 health and deal triple damage.

    Four players running around as a fireteam can win team deathmatch every singe time against opponents who don't form fireteams that walk the same streets