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BO2 coming and Activision not interested anymore to take care about MW3 hackers




whats goingo on about your support? i dont remember hackers before you guys talk about Black Ops 2 and now close to the 11/13 when u guys will launch the new game are making the MW3 boring with a lot of hackers who hack the game wyth a 100% care packages good stuffs (only Osprey, AC130 and pavelow)


Now my freind post a image i try to upload here but the option to upload that isn`t avaliable but here is the link at the facebook

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=465904116781783&set=o.392125004167134&ty pe=1&theater


How can someone kill 4 players and die 4 times and make more than 800000 points, i can see now every leaderbord in every game (domination, search, tdm and othes) with a little kills but a lot of points.


U guys can't do this with your custumers.