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So, Im in the game right now as I'm writting:



a dude is on our team (we are a party of 8, playing Domination on Village) and he is killing us all ...




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    hey get a screen shot PRESS the PSN button and go to the camrea and hit take screenshot MW3

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      That I didn't do but I saved alreadythat game on my Vault...


      Guy was on our team, with his Green name, as a team mate....but killing us....




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        someone else mentioned this the other day...

        dont think its gonna get sorted, i would advise puttin mw3 in the box and leaving it there,

        weve got a few days till BO2 is out so go get some fresh air and sunlight untill BO2 takes over our lives for a while like all previous cod titles have

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    A fix for all hacks is just a week away.

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      The game is saved on my Vault since last night: Im gonna watch it in abit and I expect it to be like we saw it...


      Guys I appreciate your opinions, but I had already got some fresh air and some sunlight but at that point it was night and I was with my Clan playing MW3...and it was yesterday, not on upcomming week!!....


      THIS NEED BAN OR FIX OR SOMETHING: the 3rd best player on our team was the one killing us all (his team mates...), and our crossairs swang madly when we tried to kill him (and we took a while seeing he was an hacker, and that he was on our team)....


      This is outrageous...