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10 things i hate about you mw3!!!


things that chap my a** about this game, some things that have always been a problem and some that have begun to creep there way into gameplay the last few months.


1. the one thing that gripes me the most is having the support package on and busting my ass to get 14 kills for a stealth bomber, i call it in and then some tw*t on the opposite team sets of an EMP and its totally disables the whole thing, same with any sort of strike package, the EMP is so overpowered its a joke, if a few players on the opposing team are using them the there is no point in having any kind or air support or perks.


2. trophy systems are a joke, they dont even exist in real life get rid, more to note are people who are determined to set up camp underneath them are just cowards who are to frightened to run around or just to bad at the game.


3. the spawns are more mixed up now than they ever have been, its amazing how many times you kill someone only for them to spawn right next to u, behind u or just around the corner from you, next thing u know your dead.


4. getting shot around corners, this may be lag but it shouldnt be happening.


5. the dramatic increase in camping these days, its rare to go a game without going round a corner a and theres someone just sat there ready to spray, im fine if your camping and sniping but sat there with a shotgun or assault rifle is just poor gameplay.


6. the XM25ers, these sad tw*ts who have no skill what so ever then just sit at one end of the map continually firing random noobs at anything that moves and even things that dont.


7. the 6ft noobers, or revenge noobers, the guys that blast you from 6ft away when it would be just as easy to bullet kill u, i find it fascinating how if you smaw someone from 6 ft you die and they die but u noob someone from 6 ft you die and they dont. then theres the guy youve been p*ssing on all game but everytime you kill them they come back with a smaw, like there proving a point!?!? if u wanna prove a point come back and bullet kill me for gods sake.


8. run and gunners, these prats who have no interest in the objective of the game, who seem to be able to run at 100 miles an hour and dodge bullets like the matrix and come strapped to the nines in ballistic vests, these guy are here for kills and nothing more and there are virtually immortal. they offer nothing to a team game.


9. the flash grenade, its ok being vision impaired for a second or 2 but being f*ckin blind for what seems like eternity is a joke.


10. abusive clans who give you sh*t for no reason at all, they win the game but feel its right to boost there egos a little more by giving u sh*t, i report these tw*ts as soon as it happens, at the end of the day its a game dude and since when is winning not enough. i always tell these guys that without there little buddys to back them up and in a normal game under normal circumstances there probably just average players and its amazing how many times i come across certain clan members in normal games and prove myself right. bottom line theres no need to be a big mouth just because your a clan member.



these are my gripes feel free to comment or share yours.

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    Well man spawns are the exact way they alwys have been its just the maps on MW3 are smaller. But for example on the small maps on MW2 or Blops the spawns were the same as MW3.


    And trophy systems may be fake but I at least give IW credit for trying something new.


    If you dont like having your Stealth Bomber destroyed after you get 14 regular kill, try playing MW2 and getting 14 kills in a row only to have it taken out by an EMP.


    Basicaly what Im saying is these things are just they way CoD is and you just have to adapt to the game. Regardless of its faults its still the best FPS out there IMO.

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      The fake you say MW3 is the best is just outrageous. They could've made thousands of countless improvements from MW2. BOPS is way better.


      If the spawns were the same as MW2, why make them smaller? Why make spawn points so cluttered? This game wasn't great, it was decent, but far from great.

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        Thousands of countless improvements? They made many changes from MW2, whether or not these changes were improvments is in the eye of the beholder.



        However your entitled to your opinion and I respect that.



        In my opinion this may go down as the best CoD yet. Its a tight race between MW1,2 and 3.

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    So basically you hate the game and the players do not play how you think is fair eh? Here is a hint for ya: The game was not designed with you only in mind. So if it is too much for you to play with and you cannot adapt to the game then sell it, trade it, give it away and go play something else.

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    1.being a noob didn't know that an EMP would stop a bomber thanks for the tip.2. and the trophy system is great for low "K" player like me cause i use it to cap a flag or defuse a bomb. 3.i have been playing since last February and only once did a "badguy" spawn next to me. 4.bullets turning a corner can at times seem that way but its just a good player who knows his weapon and the maps.5."camping" there are more opinions about this subject than the Kennedy assassination. its just part of this game.6.if i got this right XM25 can be shot overhead of the badguys and their positions are painted on the radar screen and in the hands of a talented player they can knock down juggernauts.7.i believe there is a video about a player who got a M.O.A.B with a SMAW and in the hands of a good player can kick butt big time.8.love Run & Gunners when i'm playing "Dom" or "Dem" these guys clear away badguys from coming up the different lanes and take out other run & gunners.sure it sucks to play against these guys when you don't have anyone to compete but when i get on a team with R&Gs its a win.9.Flash Grenades it does seem like an eternity but there is a video on this and if i remember right its 1.7 seconds.10.as a noob i have gone up against "clans"and beleive me when the team i'm on "K" bar doesn't even move you know you have been beat.i have never heard a word from a good clan its no doubt that their "stats" do their talking. the most "crap" i have ever gotten is from wannabe COD hero who is every where on the map but where you need him(or her) complaining that we the team "suck" cause we did not win the game.in spite of the bumps and glitches COD is still fun.

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    Most successful people play a game, hate it and start their own company to make their OWN game.


    Others just wait until 1 year after the game and whine on a forum when its too late to do anything about it.


    1. dont get killed.


    2. You want real life then go join the Marines. This is called a GAME . There is no realism here.


    3. Other people can keep their eyes open, cant you ?


    4. some guns shoot thru objects, didnt you know ? You can shoot around corners too, its called bullet penetration.


    5. Cant determine where a camper is ? learn the map. use grenades. 20 more ways then these..


    6. So you cant kill a guy across a small map thats stationary ?


    7. Learn to avoid the easiest COD with noob toobs.


    8. the gam was made for run and gunners. They even stated it months in advance and you STILL bought it.

    BTW so you hate campers and you hate run and gunners. Well thats all the players in the game right there.


    9. use the perk to decrease the blindness time or at least turn away.


    10. Grow up and learn that "sticks and stones" saying. Or mute them, avoid them, report them. dont sit there like a baby crying cause some guy gave you trash talk. when you grow up and start working what do you think will happen when someone gets promoted before YOU ?


    Whats so sad is some of these things are in ALL games, so you might want to learn some single player games where the PC doesnt talk to you.


    All the other things are mostly in every COD game but you STILL bought it.

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      1. That is just unreasonable, you will die in this game.


      2. If a game was made to be non-realistic, why use realistic weapons, attachments, etc? If there was no realism people wouldn't die from bullets. Marines would laugh at this game.


      3. No, I do this thing called blinking.


      4. How can you shoot around corners? Does your barrel curve? That is called Lag Comp. But you can shoot THROUGH corners. Assault rifles shouldn't need impact for simple objects such as cardboard boxes, railings, GLASS, etc.


      5. Smart campers move from corner to corner. So throwing a grenade in a empty spot would be useless. Actually, throwing a grenade in this game is useless since it's a hit mark 75% of the time.


      6. No, hit detection sucks. Now with stalker pro, aiming can be a way harder challenge at times. Did I mention sub machine guns with rapid fire and range shoot the same distance as a sniper rifle?


      7. I never deal with noob tubes much. But the XM25. . . come on.


      8. He meant slayers. That guy who guards the sh_t out of his spawn flag on domination. He doesn't even attempt to help plant a bomb, cap a flag, or defuse a bomb as well.


      9. That is  blast shield pro. Someone who is such a fan should know.


      10. Don't act like no one as ever talked sh_t to you. Don't act like it got on your nerves.


      He was just stating some of the things he dislikes about MW3. If we didn't complain for a year on forums, nothing would ever change. It would stay the same game. No weapon nerfs. No new kill streaks. No new anything.


      I see you spend a lot of time on these forums and based off this one reply you had; you clearly hate kids that complain. Yet, you still come on these forums.





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    what i most hate about mw3 is when i shoot low at an enemy and he drop shots, he still kills me even though i had the drop on him and he layed face first into my bullets. argh.

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    My biggest FAIL with this game without a doubt,is the ability for my enemy to knife me after bullets have hit them. EMP in support is my 2nd biggest hate and 3rd is XM25 users in HC.

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    If you are having trouble with the EMP just run the EMP yourself and save your killstreaks below that until you call in your own EMP.  If getting to 18 kills is a problem then just run lower killstreaks so that you are cycling them more often.  It won't stop the EMP but it may delay the other team from getting one so soon.

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      Agree with phxs, equip EMP and stealth bomb, wait until you get EMP and then cross hairs over the centre of the map and rain death and destruction upon them all, that being make sure you're at the edge of the map, btw have completed all challenges and emblems/titles for stealth bomber, so I know what I'm talking about. If you play Domination and you're reasonably good you should earn EMP ever game.

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    It's been said a thousand times before the game has it's faults but there is a very good game pushing through.


    I love the support kill streaks because it gives naff old players ( 43 ) a chance to be part of the game and help my team mates.


    Your right about abusive players but that goes for most online play,I do think that COD has the cream of the crop of utter pratts,don't get me wrong there are some great people out there some have gone out of their way to offer me pointers on the game.


    When the game works for you it is great.

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    mrtee83 wrote:


    2. trophy systems are a joke, they dont even exist in real life get rid, more to note are people who are determined to set up camp underneath them are just cowards who are to frightened to run around or just to bad at the game.


    Throwing knives don't happen on the battlefield either.  You don't operate Reapers with the Toughbook laptop either.  Trophy Systems have a purpose and are a good trolling feature to destroy a few of the billion Predator Missiles that get called in.

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    Things I hate about MW3!!!!!


    I enter a game it loads up, and theres 12 seconds left and your team is down 3000 points!!   block those f*cking games so you can't join them!


    I leave a game for what ever reason, and I look for a new game, and it goes back to the same f*cking game!!!!!   If I leave I don't want to go back to the same f*cking game!!!

    block me from going to the same map/game!!!!!!


    I shoot someone with a rocket/smaw and they have ballistic vests on and they don't die!!!!!

    Like wtf!  Even a head shot when they're wearing one, they don't die.  F*ckin stupid.


    I goto shoot a guy going up a set of stairs, with smaw, it hits the stair below his feet and he doesnt die! 


    Hold on, I have to play one more to find more sh*t!!!!








    OK, what decides who dies when we both shoot?  I clearly shot the same time as the opponent and I die?  Connection? 


    Even with f*cking rockets, Ill shoot it, they'll shoot me and I'll die, but my rocket disappears.  Then I'll be waiting on someones elses cam and my rocket smoke will be there! 



    Another stupid rocket thing!  Can't kill anyone with a rocket for first kill!!  I shoot them directly at the feet and nothign!!  f*ck that p*sses me off.


    Fix this **** already.


    Another thing i hate which was mentioned above:  Im shooting someone 2 or 3 times and they continue to run up and stab you like nothing happend.  F*ck that.


    By the way - nice f*cking EMP grenade that doesnt disable assault drones.

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    trophy systems do actully exist:





    granted it's not exactly the same as the one in mw3 but the principle is more or less simular

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    1) So you are upset that you have worked hard to get a kill streak to kill others, and someone else has worked hard to get a kill streak to prevent you from killing team mates? I don't understand it. Do you get upset when you call in an attack helo and someone shoots it down 2 seconds after it arrives?


    2) Trophy systems are a great tool, learn to use them. When playing domination, it can be the difference between securing a location, and not securing it. They can be easily defeated.


    3) I agree


    4) Again, I agree, when we are talking about lag, and not someone using the perk for the gun that gives more bullet penetration.


    5) Camping, well, it all depends on the match type. If I am lagging, which 99% of the time I am, I frequently camp behind my team. If I am playing domination, you bet I am camping on a location to protect it. Thats called tactical defence. You can run and gun all you want, but if you keep losing flags, you lose. People who camp out around corners etc, they can be beat, change the way you play.


    6) Or maybe they are trying to complete challenges, and you make it easier for them, by running straight at them, or going to the same location.


    7) you assume the person isn't lagging to all hell. Bullet kills are a lot harder when you are a second behind everyone else. A missle works pretty damn good. However, maybe the person is also completing challenges! These also have a slow sight time, easy to shoot and kill the person using it. Funny, you complain about the trophy system not being real, yet, this is a tactic that is used by military. Which one is it?


    8) I agree in part. The part that you discuss about them running and never getting killed, getting all matrix like, no matter how many times you shoot them. This is lag at its finest.


    9) Flash <--- I always see this deployed where many people always like to sit and camp, or might all run around a corner. Simple way to make it less troublesome, don't run blindly behind everyone, and slow your gameplay down a bit. There are perks you can use too. I like to use blast shield, are you going to be upset that I live through an explosion and take a flag?


    10) Mute, its your best friend.

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    You are a noob. Only noobs cry when they die. Even if you have played CoD for years and still cry, ur a noob. Noobs need their parents to hold their hand. Real gamers know that if you are gonna play, ur gonna die. Makes no difference how. Get some, rank up, and stop crying noobs! CRY = NOOB. Dont be a noob.

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    I agree with some of the facts, but maybe you are new to this game. I never played a COD game before MW3 and I dont regret it. Probably you are going to be blundered, because you face guys with much more hours played than you and maybe you don´t know how the weapons or perks perform.

    Remember also that COD is a team game, don´t feel so bad if you lose (I got angry very often), and if you are used to the game, you maybe like it. I used to play FIFA and I perform much better and win much more often than in MW3 and despite that, I find more fun with MW3.

    Most of the things you said are true, but give the game a few hours and probably those things won´t matter.

    Ah, and this game is pretty unreallistic,so don´t expect realism:

    it´s an arcade, c´mon you´ll never see guys sniping while jumping, quickscoping; knifes which instantly kill people; guys who need like 5 bullets to get killed or have an amazing healing factor like wolverine.

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    mw3 is far from great or best cod mw3 ranks bout a 2 bops and mw2 and WaW bout a 9 mw3 = rediclous **** shutgun cross the map crapy spawns crapy severs that lagg 24/7 i wish someone would D0os there servers maybe they will fix em or leave offline for good if you asked me this game shouldnt have even been relase with out months  maybe years of fix they had nearly a year to fix things and havnt i will not buy another modern warfare game in my life again..