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Map and Playlist Suggestion

Hey, I recently bought an Xbox 360 along with Modern Warfare 3 and I noticed that there is no 3rd person view type of game in the public playlist! I used to play 3rd person a lot when I went to my friends house for Modern Warfare 2 and I think that there should be one in this game as well. Also I'm not sure if anymore map or map packs are going to be coming out but I always thought a shopping mall sort of map would be kind of fun to play in. The second suggestion is just a floating thought but please consider the 3rd person view. I'm sure many people would be looking forward to that. Thanks.


EDIT: Oh, and to the people that think, "Why put 3rd person in a FPS game?" just don't play 3rd person, at least the people who want it can be satisfied...others can simply play the first person game modes.