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Attention future Black Ops 2 players...


I dont usually post on here. However, I've finally got to the point that enough is enough and it's time to call some of you out. If this post offends a lot of you then YOU are probably "That Guy"!


With the new score system of Black Ops 2, in objective based games (Domination, S&D, etc..), you will no longer benefit from sitting back and playing for yourself. That's right you selfish, greedy players! You will actually have to do something in order to be rewarded! In MW3, more times than not, I outscore the entire lobby during a match and most of the time come close to doubling the score of the second place guy on my team and yet we still end up losing the match. Isn't that AMAZING? It's really the way of the democrat. You lazy people want someone else to do do all the work for you while you sit back and do nothing but try to reap the rewards. Well, here is a news flash: I will no longer be your "flag" *****. You greedy little people are going to have to pull your own weight because I will no longer do it for you. I am so glad that the COD series has finally evolved into rewarding the real players. Now I would assume that most of you know how to play Domination but apparently some of you need a refresher. It's really simple...wait for it...: Your team has to control 2 of 3 flags for the majority of the time alloted! That's it! No really, that's it! It's not rocket science. Well for some of you idiots, it may be. Anyway, here are some tips for winning and scoring high in Domination.


1: At the beginning, only 1 guy should be capping the A or C flag. It doesn't take the whole group! Every other guy should be running towards the B flag. Remember boys and girls, that's how you win the match. An orangutan could easily understand this concept but somehow most of you still don't get it.


2: Here is another bright concept: If you lose one of the flags, then the next thing you should be trying to do is go recap it. Time and time again I see my team lose a flag and then, strangely, I am the only one trying to recap it. All the while, 2 other of my so called idiot teammates are sitting back in a corner shooting the tires on a truck. You get a ton of experience for that...not.


Now I know that most of you are wondering why there aren't more tips but if you understand the concept of Domination then you really don't need anymore than that. If you are confused, then start back at the top and read again. If you want to sit back and play for yourself, then go play Team Deathmatch or Free-For-All. Stay out of objective based lobbies unless you are going to play the objective. If you are playing in an objective based lobby, then grow a set and help out your team. Thanks!