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It's not the game but the players

The game it's self is not a bad game, and they "IW" could have simply added the P2P lobby system as another way to play the game on-line "say for a quick game" and left the main way to play the game on-line as it used to be, Ranked dedicated servers, as myself and lots of players would just like to play and rank up as we used to.  and not on the P2P system with a loads of players you did not know.  and if players needed to hack they could have there own server with PB turned off and hacked away and left real players alone to enjoy the game.  we now play cod4 on a modded server, and the fun has returned to our clan, yes we would like more players to join in as the server count does not match the amount of players still playing cod4 for some reason or other, but to be honest I think it may be too late to sort MW3 out now, as lots of players have lot there trust in the devs, to produce a hack free environment to play in.

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    they don't make cod for pc anymore so there is no more "the way it used to be". They make the game for console Then they give us pc gamers basically the same exact version which doesn't sit to well because b-4 we had better options and were able to host the server from a killer machine/connection not a home connection like consoles do.. It's all about pc is a dying breed/no sales in comparison to consoles.


    maybe you think cod4pc is a cool scene but the cheating is stil there,  you have your loads of players mainly clan members using cheats/humanized slow aimbots & claiming it's skill & all his clan mates & the other 5 clans they run around with say the same thing. You suck & they don't cheat! & it seems there are hundreds backing this nonsense where cheaters are called pro's. that's what i see in cod4, it's a public controlled group of players that use cheats, claim they are pro, they own plenty of servers, they are in almost all the pc gaming leagues and most of the community for some reason respects them as legit gamers, but they aren't. they use slow aimbots to find targets thru walls then run right there all prepared & claim it's UAV, & even when u use perks against it they just deny deny deny and then the admin kicks  the legit player from the server for calling one of there precious clansmen a cheater.. that was my experience not to long ago with cod4


    All pc gaming is broken & full of cheaters. no one really cares about the cheating they just want there dedicated servers so they can brand their server & call you a noob because you don't use the lame humanized aimbot most of the pc community & clans are using.


    They sell multiplayer cheats everywhere on the net for every popular pc game. they arent doing this/spending all this time making these multihax with tons of features because only a few gamers come & buy cheats, most buy the cheat the same day they buy the game, it goes hand in hand.

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      I agree in some of what you state,but if what you say is true about cheating clans then it is a sad world and PC gaming as I used to know it has gone to the dogs, I have never come across a slow aimbot, and yes I have seen a player in replay follow me down a wall and shoot me as I exit from behind, "I call that a wallhack" and cod 4 does have cheaters still playing but we do have rcon linked to PB, a screen shot and a ban normally gets rid of any cheaters who venture in to our server.  our clan did move to MW3 for a few months, but the lack of a decent recon tool put pay to that, we will not be getting any more "consol ported games" from IW or any Cod franchise for that matter.  and my final note our clan does not and would not use any form of hack to play the game we have in the past sadly banned a member for using such a thing, It does not bother me so much if a clan wants to use hacks etc on there own server that's up to them, as long as they state the fact and as you stated make out they are some sort of pro-clan not using hacks, every one to their own, but be truthful about it.

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        yes it has gone to hell. like i said these cheat sites arent here prevailing with more & more  popping up because only a few gamers use cheats.,


        Yes what your calling wallhack is aimbot.


        For some reason when someone says aimbot everyone thinks of this thing that spins & kills every player on the map thru walls while the cheater stands in 1 spot.. I mean... yes thats 1 way to use it...

        but most who are using it to pretend they are really skilled set up a hot key to activate the aimbot and how this works is when the cheater taps the hotkey his onscreen player will spin/snap xx amount of degrees and stop dead on the nearest threat/enemy usually through walls.

        It doesn't shoot the enemy unless the cheater presses the fire button so what it looks like is that the cheater just happened to turn right to where the enemy is. then they move the aim away a bit then press the hot key again to relock back onto you hits you with a super accurate stream of bullets & u drop, and no one is the wiser they are cheating.. also if the hot key is held down it will track the enemy, this is what happend to you not wallhack.

        what happened to you was the aimbot was set up not to shoot through walls but shoot as soon as the enemy appears and the cheater held the hotkey down the entire time so he trax you perfectly, most wont do that because it makes it to obvious, they just tap & use their knowledge of the map to be ready for the enemy in that direction, and they don't have to worry because as soon as you become visible they just tap the hotkey, fire & your dead.


        btw punkbuster screenshots cannot detect an aimbot, aimbots leave nothing on screen to detect all it does is turn the cheater to an enemy so they never have to look or use uav or nothing, just keep tapping that lame cheat button to find your next enemy..


        here's what the new cheats have to offer the 3d radar most cheaters won't use because a screenshot will detect it. although many use it in mw3 because there are no screenshots.



        - Visibility Checks

        - Auto Wall

        - On Screen Only

        - Auto Fire

        - Auto Iron Sight

        - Knife Bot

        - Aim Team

        - Aimkey

        - Predicition Multiplier

        - Show Delay

        - Aim Bone ( Head, Neck, Upper Chest, Chest, Stomach, Groin, Right Arm, Left Arm, Right Leg, Left Leg )


        3D Radar:

        - Name Esp

        - Distance Esp

        - Bounding Boxes

        - Visibility Checks

        - Snap Lines

        - Only Draw Visual Snap lines

        - Skeleton Bones

        - Draw Friendly Players

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          Thanks for the update, if you don't mind may I copy your post and place it in our admin section of our clan forum, as I think they have not come across that types of hacking, we have viewed an aimbot to be the simple spin round and shoot, and what I thought was a wall hack is in fact an aim bot, just something to look out for in the future.

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          i dont think pointing your accusations at clan members is valid. clan members use teamspeak mumble n other voip and learn how to work as a team issuing commands or assists in their voip and learn to work together.. in my experience most cheats work alone. you also seem to know a lot about it and i question if you have used one. its to easy for someone to kill u and u scream cheat and report them. it dont matter how long you been playing the whole online thing isnt 100 percent accurate. i played online now and run servers since 2004 i beleive like a person has said before give back servers so players can admin them not these stupid no ranking servers what a waste of money. then the admins can kick n ban or take pb screen shots and then little hackers solo or clanned can go play by themselves. i do not think you can tackle cheats fairly as theres to many numptys out there who will as i said before report ppl for being better or even luckier than themselves and believe me it happens. take the under 16s out the game. thats will be a good start.

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    Well last nights game i played their was these 2 guys blatent cheaters saying i dont no how to play and their not cheating.

    LMFAO been playing CoD games since begining among other shooter games and normaly have a k/d rate of at least 1.5 minumum but since these cheaters are getting away with it my k/d rate is 0.560.

    these 2 cheaters i mention 1 was a coder and was able to make me not able to shoot at all and fly around the screen.

    after a while staying on this map with them me calling them everything under the sun i told them try a map without useing your cheats.

    They did and you could tell they had no cheats on as they got ripped to shreads by me both their scores LMFAO 3/23.


    Now to address the retarded hackers who think playing a game with hacks is fun you have no skill so dont play the game till you can play it properly go play wow or sims3 or rollercoaster tycoon as your not wanted here.

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      This is friggin ****.


      8 games today, 8 boots from a game, and NONE of the games had anyone hacking whatsoever.


      i honestly dont even understand how this crap is working.... if someone leaves halfway through a game, does it just end the game because it thinks someone must be hacking??

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    I have been playing CoD4 online recently (and have been loving it!), and I have not been able to help myself make comparisons between that and MW3.


    In conclusion - all that is great about CoD4 exists in MW3, and MW3 is really just an extension of CoD4, with more weapons, more attachements, more choice with killstreaks and so on. It's a great game. All that is/was missing is the ranked dedi server experience, which the vast majority (except CrapDuster) agree is the best multiplayer platform for PC.

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      I agree, MW3 is Cod 4 with better paint job, and if only it had RDS it would knock spots off all other games, and that's why our clan has moved back to cod 4 and a modded server, new maps new life, I do pop in and play a few kill confirmed now and then, but don't push my luck too much because a cheater will enter the game at some point and kill your enjoyment.