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can't rewind

can't use elite

can't connect

i have video of getting 10 hit markers on a guy in the damned back

continuously die from one shot as they turn around and fire blindly using the exact same gun and attachments i'm using or a weaker gun

takes at least two sniper rounds for me to put someboby down

can't join a friend's game consistently, even with an invite and them not playing yet



serisouly iw, wtf did you do to this game? is there anything you can look at in this game and say "we nailed that"?

other than getting our money, for the last time too, what are you proud of from this game?

i'll give you the opponents mic thing, but other than that this thing is awful lately.  going on 3 days now of being worthless.  other than talking to friends while i play i get nothing out of this.


i ain't buying mw4

i really wanted this game to work, all the pieces are there.  it's been out for a YEAR.  i can get a sex change for like 50k, you can't do better than this with a billion dollars?