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Time To Fight Back Against The Cheaters

Right now i wouldnt say im a good player i say im an average player normal k/d rate of 1.5 minumum.

But now my k/d rate is 0.560 due to nothing being done about all these cheating scumbags on MW3.


IW/Activision say their doing everything to stop this [yeah right when next julember.]

Me for one am sick and tired of companys like this ripping us off due to lack of intelect at least enough to solve the problem.


So i say to all community that has no need to cheat at MW3 install fraps when you see 1 of these retards in a game record him/her.

It should be enough evidence for the admin/devs or whatever to pull their fingers out their arses to actualy do some work to ban them and help improve the game to what we all no it should be.


I will never again buy from this franchise and i say to all forget BO2 and any other game from this company let them realize how stupid they have been in not helping the community of real gamers[i.e those of us that dont have to cheat] with luck they might get it through their thick skulls before they go bankrupt.


well my rant over for now let me no what the rest of our gamers community think.

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    It's not the problem of activision, it's the problem of steam with vac. You like babies crying on the legs of your mothers.

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      Whoever's  in charge doesn't matter, it all boils down to the lack of action taken against hacks. I have quit playing and will not be buying anymore of the games unless something gets done about the hacks.

      And as far as the above post goes, if paying for something and not getting something decent for your buck is crying, so be it, so to heck with the franchise, they cater to the x-box and playstation folks anyway.