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I can't access DLC that as an Elite Member I should still be able to, I would really like help with this...

Okay, so I do realise by now I should've downloaded Collection 4 but I haven't and have just come to do it now... And it says I must pay for it. Why? I'm (or apparently was) Elite Premium, Founder, so I have the other Collections but apparently my Membership ran out about 4 days ago... Which I'd be completely fine with had we not all been told we got our memberships extended by a month, December last year. So, what's happened? Has no one's membership for the MW3 Content been extended, is it just me or have they just forgotten since Elite is free to everyone in Black Ops 2?


If I could really get some help with this it'd be appreciated. I also tweeted @CallOfDutyElite but I'm not holding my breath.