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2025 Zombies for Hardened edition... F'ing joke



If you weren't under the counter blowing the employees at GameStop, WalMart, or whatever else to pre-order the Hardened edition of BO:2, you likely not getting the EXCLUSIVE 2025 Nuketown Zombies board.

This post is to openly state how "choked" I am about it... Like, I live in a city where at least 100 people purchase this game from every potential store that's selling it, but only 2 or 3 hardedend copies went to each of those stores (giving buyers a very low chance to own a hardened edition).


I understand that 2025 Nuketown Zombies will be DLC for everyone ("eventually" says customer service), but I'm seriously pretty upset that I can't even buy it separately as DLC.


I'm actually on the fence about boycotting the COD series over it... It's THAT upsetting to me. I'll be checking with EB games about being able to "upgrade" my standard version to a hardened editon, and they better do it (even if the hardened edition isn't available for another 3-6 months).