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will they fix triple screen or not?

first off sorry if this has been posted but i need to know if they will fix the triple screen,i like to run at 5760x1080 eyefinty but when i select it,its so stretched out its unplayable,why have they released that res if its so stretched out like that,didnt they check it out when they entered that res?

apart from that it was running really well till that new patch came out and now it freezes up on "choose class" everytime.so now i have two problems that need addressing

please don't flame me or have ago im just wanting it to work how it should if the res is there for me to use
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    Well, untill Trey actually get the FOV to work in the game, your gonna have to use "widescreenfixer", that's what I had to do, of course I havent played the multiplayer yet, steam may ban your account as it may see it as a hack....

    They need to step up and fix this, pretty weak in this day/age.....
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      Like screwtech02 said above - widescreenfixer is always an option.  I use it nightly when playing MW3 online and have for a year now without issue.


      Its free as well, though donating to the dev is always appreciated I am sure.  I have sent some $$ to him out of appreciation, simply because what he does is what the developers of the game should have, and that is allow it to work on widescreen resolutions above 2560x1200 or whatever.


      When you are working at 5760x1080 and larger, most games out there were not coded to handle that wide of resolution, most PC's could not render that in a playable way either, so us triple monitor gamers are in a corner by ourselves.  This is why widescreenfixer has helped out a lot and I suspect it will again for Black Ops II.

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    aye thanks for your reply but i got doubts now it will ever get sorted,least f12010 solved it in there patch,so surly it can be done on here.
    will have to wait and see