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This game SOUNDS terrible!Real gun sounds please!

I don't mean the story/game sounds bad,I mean it literally sounds terrible.I recently went back and played MW2 and wow was I unimpressed.The guns sound so fake/wrong ,and from everything I've seen on-line and on X-Box live,MW3 sounds the same.This might be OK for games like HALO where the guns are fake so it doesn't matter,but when you own some of the guns that are in the game,its different.It sucks when you want to use a gun you actually own, like an AK,and instead of it sounding like an AK-47,it sounds like a rattling tin can.Or when you shoot a bolt action .308 rifle and it sounds like a generic laser beam(I.E.Intervention).I know it's just a game,but if DICE and Treyarc can do it,I don't see why IW can't.

If you think I'm wrong,do yourself a favor and go rent Metal of Honor. I'm not saying MoH is a better game,just a better sounding game.There were parts in that game where I had to turn my headphones down because my ears would start ringing.When I would play MW2 I normally have to turn them up,because you cant hear anything.In MoH you hear the snap of the rifle,the crack of the round passing you and the thud of it hitting something.And most of the guns sound like they do in real life.I've looked around on the forums about audio and haven't seen an answer from IW yet.I don't understand,with all the money IW makes off its fans,why they can't record some real guns?I imagine that its too late to change it now,but I think it's something they need to work on for sure.