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So, why did you make survival like this?


Why, when you play survival, do we have to play the maps stripped down of certain things. It's either the pack a punch or the mystery box. Why can we not play any map we want and be able to pack a punch and still use the mystery box? Unless there is some way to change it, I don't plan on playing survival at all.

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    From what I hear all the stuff is available in the Tranzit mode, but it's still not quite the same. I would been satisfied if they just kept survival mode and didn't make all these game modes for zombies.


    I think it's not bad though what they're doing here. We're getting a lot more zombie content with this game than with BO. In BO we just got Kino and Five (Im talking about actual maps. not shitty DOA)

    We're getting a huge map in tranzit mode, also Nuketown Zombies, and we can also play all areas from tranzit in a way that's like WaW zombies.

    We have a map that's like Nacht where all there is is the box, we have some like Verruckt and Shi no which have everything minus the PaP, and then we have one with all that together, basically like Der Riese. I think it's a much more creative way than just giving us 1-2 maps