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Zeta Gaming - 5 year old PS3 clan





Looking for a clan thats already got its foundations well and truley in place? Zeta Gaming has been around since COD4, we have over 30 active members on a range of games but Black ops 2 will be our focus after its release! We are currently looking to get a few new faces to the team. We are a fun bunch who dabble in all areas of gaming, from casual players to our competitive GB teams. We also have a YT channel and a huge montage monster!



What can we offer you?!

- A home! Gaming is a social event nowdays and ALL of us have played alone at some point! its horrible! come join the fun and make friends etc etc.

- Competition!

- Fully active and working website!

- Some Elite history! 4 Members won early on lone wolf events and picked up some nice prizes!

- A better gaming experience!



We do have a few small requirements though;

- must have a headset - We like to talk to you!

- must be fom the eu - Playing hours

- must be over 16 - Special exceptions can be made, but generally this is the bar set.



If your interested post you psn id here, then head over to www.zetagaming.co.uk  And post up an application



Cheers for reading and good luck finding a clan!