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Windows 8 performance on black ops #terrible


So anyone else having this issue? my black ops worked fine on windows 7, I switched to windows 8 today and i get tons of fps drops, anyway to fix this? Well i think this will get alot of people pissed because of the compatability issues.

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    I upgraded to Windows 8 and have seen no drop in performance in Black OPS.  It's as smooth as ever.  I have an Nvidia GTX 660 ti running the latest beta drivers. 


    I'm willing to bet you're facing a driver issue.  Check for the latest or download a beta for your video card if available.


    Most of the benchmarks I've seen comparing Win7 to Win8 gaming wise show them to be mostly the same with only a few games slightly quicker on win7, but nothing a player would notice. Some games actually saw slightly better performance with Win8.

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    I also have very huge fps drops, even at lowest resolution(800x600) and lowest graphic settings i only get about 50 fps . It´s unplayable at normal settings! Althought i play on my notebook it should work fine! I have the newest windows 8 drivers from acer and amd.



    i7 2,2 GHz 4-Core

    4GB Ram

    AMD HD 6850M


    sorry for my bad english^^


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