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Some weird bug on SP and MP



4 Months ago, my MW3 worked fine, no bugs at all, but now since those 4 months its being acting weird.


When i launch game Menus and Loading screens work fine nothing bad with them, but when i actualy start playing my pause - chose a class menu get mixed with the game. first it starts to lag realy bad, something that never did before, and then when i chose a class the menu stays there, radar kill feed box and HUDs become mixed with pause menu, the picture from loading screen stays in the midle.


Here is a picture of the problem: http://i45.tinypic.com/25qwyyt.jpg


I`ve verified game cache on steam, reinstalled game with both steam and CDs, formated pc and again reinstal with steam and Cds, and its always the same. i`ve changed all its advanced video options and none fixed the problem.


ps: sorry for my bad english