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The lobby is rubbish.  Here's why.

Guys, I've just joined up to tell you, you really need to try and get this idea out of your head.  Just get rid of it.  What you do is wrong, wrong, wrong. It's not working.  You're trying to make it "really simple" - by taking away the control from the user.  Wrong.


You force us to prioritize the games by your mindset; priority to the mode & game type.   Hell no.   The priority king is latency in online fps.  Always. 

Don't care if it's hardcore or softcore, ctf or tdm - give me a good low-ping local server and I'll have fun.


I'm sorry, but whoever thinks that a 200ms lag server is acceptable for online fps, is basically admitting that he's rubbish at playing.

If you, the developers think it's acceptable, then you probably think everyone is rubbish or they should be. 




Cherry on top is the lack of game modes in HC (which is my favourite way after all, I just hate it when I shoot someone in the back then they turn around start bunny hopping and empty a clip into my so I die...that's another kind of game)  and of course the crashes.



I gotta tell you; next time around I'll wait until I clearly know what are the parameters of a game you have released, and if it does not have proper dedicated servers, pings visible in the browser and server selection, you've lost me as a customer. 



Oh btw; please either drop the killcam, or generate it on the killer's side and send it over.   The locally generated killcam is just a user-aggravator tool.  What I see is someone killing me either w/o fully aiming a sniper or aiming completely somewhere else, or killing me with 2 bullets on softcore, etc; generally it's false information when it's even just a tad laggy.