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ADS Problem using a Gampad (aka xbox controller)


I know most of the PC community arent fond of controllers and joysticks etc.

But I hope u dont mind helping me with a problem. I recently bought a wired xbox controller for pc for fun (so I could play arcade games with it). I knew Black Ops got support for it to, so I tested it.

At first it seemed to work allright (testing against bots). secondly I go online, and I experience a problem (one problem that ruins all).

If I  see someone and ADS and I shoot it inmediatly goes out of ADS.

Off course I started doubting myself, so I planned to press the ADS button as hard as I could afther I saw someone and than shoot. no result... same problem is zooms out afther first bullet.

Also tested with no enemy in my screen. doesnt do it at all. doesnt even do it if i dont push the ADS button hard.

So now I am wondering, why?

-Becuase of the controller perhaps being broken a bit?
-Once again PC support even for console **** SUCKS BALLS because 3arch made it?

Please help me!