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PS3: Tracking "Servers Unavailable" error. [Post Patch 1.03]


Patch Notice

The latest patch was distributed on 11/17/2012.

Goal of the Thread

- Collect information regarding the inability to access online services.

- Document individual cases.

Notice: Posts that deviate from the below will be removed.


We need you to recount what happened when you encounter this and only this particular issue.


Mandatory Information to Include

- What type of PS3 do you have.

- Any user modifications to your console.

- When and where does this happen.

- What region you are in + Blu-Ray Code


Optional Information to Include

- Any video of the documented issue.

- If you have opened up a support ticket with Activision Customer Support. [Yes or No]


Anything we consider off topic or unhelpful will be deleted. This is a problem solving thread. Not a complaints platform.

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