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Looking for a good UK casual BO2 Team! (18+ Preferably) (XBOX)

Hi looking for a UK team that is 18 years or older, I'm 20 years old myself. (Possibly could accept 16+)


In terms of the team/clan being casual only, I don't mind if it's also got a competitive side to it as long as you aren't waiting on me at certain times during the day to come online and play.


I really only play Hardpoint, but I play well on almost all CORE gametypes, used to play as a top 1000 HQ player on MW3 until I stopped playing the game.

Was out of the CoD scene for quite a while and having a team would get me back into it.


Not had the best start to this CoD admittedly with a fairly poor 1.43 K/D ratio.

But as far as the team goes, you have to be fairly decent and always play for the win.


If I appeal to any teams out there then please just leave a reply or send me a message on the box.


GT: KJ Needs A Bath