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Future of Treyarch CODs


I'm going to put the latency issues aside for this post...


I think they did a lot of great things with this game.  Pick 10, the scoring system, the weapon levelling system to name a few.  But unfortunately maps and gunplay are the two most important parts of any MP shooter.  And in my opinion those two areas are where BO2 fails miserably.


If you took everything from this game but had Black Ops 1 maps and gunplay (recoil, fire rates, damage) it would be incredible.  But as it is it feels more like MW4 than BO2.  Zero recoil, high firerate weapons and small cluttered maps.


While A LOT of weapon tuning and a couple good map packs could make this game great, that's obviously not going to happen.  I can only hope they go back in more of a BO1 direction for the next game.


Just my 2 cents.  I'm curious to see how the community feels about these two things (gunplay and maps).  If the majority of people like the changes, I'll just accept that COD isn't going to be for me in the future.  If people feel the way I do, maybe there's hope for the next Treyarch title.

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    Agree. It's another clusterfuck mess of a game like MW3. Spawn, get a kill, die, spawn get a kill, die, spawn die.


    Whereever you are in the map, you're bound to get raped from all angles by a guy with an smg.

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    I really enjoy the game then again I've always been more partial to treyarch..they just have that formula down with zombies, and multiplayer, and even the campaign has a decent storyline; but I gotta agree with you for the most part. I agree there need's to bigger maps and more wide open spaces. This game was made in favor of smgs and rushers. I like how they tryed to kill camping and everything but it seems they took it a little too far. And the guns do need a little bit more recoil I always loved that about black ops 1 it was more of a challenge and you could really tell who had better gun skill. But again I'm right with you about the maps they're all too cramped and small, except for drone. The only other thing I don't like is the connection to players on multiplayer is complete garbage, but, with all major games like this it'll take toime to fix it and all the other small bugs and glitches and stuff. All in all I'd have to say I enjoy this game.