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I was wondering what easter eggs you guys had found on the Tranzit map? The only one I have found is the Nacht Der Untoten map through the cornfield.

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    There is a music easter egg if you find all 3 bears and of course the tower of babel easter egg

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      Could you tell me how to get them?

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        Ok let me start off by saying that putting up "spoilers" in astriks makes people think that answers are here. Id only recomend doing that if your actually putting up answers, if your looking for an answer, mark it as question. As far as if your just looking to start a disscussion and ask people, i guess ill bite.


        Music Easter Egg: Carrion by Shrillex

        Same as before, three bears you gotta find. Heres the locations:


        #1 : Right outside the bus station on a bench facing the buildings on the other side looking kinda dead.

        #2 : Chilling in the Farm building where the box spawns, its laying on a matress like thing.

        #3 : Pretty easy, laying in the Bar in Town in one of the booths on the first floor.


        As far as Babel goes....theres two ways you can do it. Maxis's way or Richtofhens way. Maxis has the power off, and Richtofen has the power on. If you leave the power on and head to where the bus usually is, Richtofen will speak to specific characters with steps on what it is you need to do. Maxis will just speak through normal radio means that everyone can hear. Turn the power off after you turn it on and yu've picked his way. Theres the start, go find the finish line.


        Sorry about the first paragraph, i guess i just gave need for the astriks lol.