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Hello, i am curious to know why you guys ruined the Zombies part of the game (In reality the only part that keeps us coming back)


It is nothing like the older versions, the maps you give us now not just for transit but for survival mode is complete bullshit and plain not to mention out right boring. They are small and flimsy map with nothing to do and nothing to explore.


I also find the campaign side characters extremely plain, and the voice acting is horrible; with BO1 and WaW i actually enjoyed playing the American soldier or the German and even the Japanese unlike the ones you gave us.


Who in the hell wants to play with a 60 year old black man? and i don't mean that in a racist way.


Please Treyarch add back the OLD maps from the Prior zombies and make more like them. Would also be great if we can get the Old maps for free and not get charged for a simple convert.

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    I think you just haven't figured out a way to play the maps yet?

    My first impression was the exact same, and to be honest i miss the big maps from before.

    But that doesn't mean these maps suck, they actually did a pretty good job imo.

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    Honestly i have to disagree with you. yeah the maps are small but its different and it makes it harder but it would be better if there was more to explore but thats why they made tranzit because threre are loads of areas to explore and discover.

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    I agree with you, the maps suck... oh wait, there's only 1 map! But don't worry you still have a huge tranzit map, NOT. The tranzit map basically has 5 areas that basically are the size of der riese if added up together, the map is not big and explorable, there's just f*cking tubes in the middle of the different bus-stops. And you canno't explore because you can't even see what you're exploring... They really took a step back, waiting for DLC atm I can not play this game it plain out sucks donkey b*lls. MP I haven't even tried because it's the same piece of garbage as always, the campaing is stupid and the bots are unbelievably dumb. Why can't Treyarch understand that there are actually zombie fans? I have high hopes for a tranzit map that doesn't evolve around a f*cking bus and fog, a map where you could explore and open doors + be able to travel without a bus.


    BTW: Have you noticed how everytime you say something negative about the game someone answers you like this:

    • I think you just haven't figured out a way to play the maps yet?

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      Agreed, also yes i find it quite funny and ignorant at the same time when somone comes up with the same line.


      "I think you just haven't figured out a way to play the maps yet?"


      Also to the Transit fans and them claiming you can explore in it is the stupidest bunch of bullshit I have ever heard, even when you are in the bus or traveling to different places you cant do anything but follow a simple straight line as everything is completely blocked OFF. We also keep going up and down the same maps like a yoyo which is completely out right boring.


      I also find it horrible that in order for us to enjoy our old maps or play with our old Models we will be charged a ridiculous price for practically nothing, i guess WaW was the last cod i actually enjoyed and played many hours of.


      All them free Maps we got every month or two kept bringing me back to the game again and again which you fail to do and understand with these new rehashed call of duty's.


      How you can make such a great Zombies and then turn it into complete garbage is beyond me.

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    harder = more fun


    But have to agree with u on how stupid the charecters are now in BO2, they aren't funny but just annoying saying the same thing over and over and over again that wasn't even funny the first time.

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      Harder can equal more fun if done right. I have to agree that peoples argument for Tranzit is a little weak in terms of "size". Yes the map is big but far from huge and much farther still from what we ere promised.


      I have to agree with Zjasuu's description of Tranzit really not being any bigger than Der Riese. Yes it feels large but it's not and to top it off being sectionalized makes each individual part feel even smaller.


      Tranzit is growing on me but only as a basic Zombie survival map, not really great one at that either, especially when you take into account the characters in it and they're annoying knife lunge sounds and bad not funny phrases. Compared to black ops 1 and "expectations" I'd give Tranzit a B-

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    Well they probably tried new things to be unique i personally like the characters. also the maps are small but also keep the game interesting because every thing is up close and hard to manuver and it was really interesting trying to get many stuff on SURVIVAL. On TRANZIT on the other hand is also good because it has many secrets and keeps the game on an ongoing flow because traveling from place to place is pretty awesome.

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    Take a kid to a park with a swing.

    Take them to a park with a swing AND a slide.

    Take them to an amusement park.





    Then take them back to the park with only a swing.


    How much fun does that child have at the first park?


    Answer:  This is how much fun "Classic" mode is.


    They show us a bunch of cool stuff in BO and then turn around and leave a bag of flaming dog poo on our door step as the BO2 reiteration.  We step on it and people complain because our feet smell like poo.


    Is this clear enough?

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    Ain't nothing going to change anyway.

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         Guys, this is a personal opinion, just because he doesn't like the maps means he is wrong, it means that he has a different playstyle. As for you, I believe the maps have a great level of exploration, and if that is really what you want, then play TranZit. If you don't like TranZit than it isn't that zombies is boring, it's that you are just difficult. Like my girlfriend. On her period.

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    i have to say treyarch have done a good job on the whole of bo2.yes the zombie maps are challenging but in a cool way it adds to the fun.my only complaint is that we have 2 and 3 player leaderboards yet we cannot play 2 or 3 player ???????? not sure of the point in them leaderboards yet lol.but i ask you all A  question.WHO PREFERS PLAYING WITH THEIR FRIENDS AS APPOSSED TO RANDOMS.WHO WANTS THE PRIVATE MATCHES BACK????? IM GUESSING THE MAJORITY OF THE COMMUNITY