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Call of Duty Series becoming more and more unplayable by the year.

hello everyone.


So before I get into the post id like to say that I've been playing the CoD series right back to the first game that was released. When CoD2 was released in 2005 in my opinion the series was in it's Golden Days, though some will disagree.


CoD2 was the series high point in my opinion.


No perks, no kill streaks, no death streaks, no attachments. In otherwords no crap no BS. When you played a lot, you got good, when you were good, you owned.


I can also say that I was a speed sniper [scoped], i was one of the first people to use the 'Jumping Head shot' trick over walls and boxes and cars and stuff, I know I was because I played everyday for hours at a time, yes I was addicted, could you blame me. . . .


CoD3 was released and was more or less a flop, when CoD4 aka MW1 was released this was indeed a good game, you had to work for the Killstreaks. Though it seen the introduction of Attachments, Perks, Kill Streaks etc etc. Though it wasnt over bearing.


However after this point the game in my opinion starts to decline.


MW2 was released, its brother MW3 also didnt help the franchise. Why? you may ask.


1 simple thing - Hosting. "It worked good for console's so lets bring it over to PC" is what the probably said. I played MW2 ALOT and to the point where I got quite good but again the Host system didnt work. No 2 PC's are alike unlike Consoles of course.


Black Ops 1 which was released after MW2 seen the re introduction of Dedicated Servers, this was nice as a matter of fact but again it seen the introduction of More Crap, aka what I said above. So the game was basically, you get spawn camped Via Kill Streaks, nades, you know the drill.


In fact its down right maddening.


It's one thing If I was playing bad due to my own faults and lack of skill but this wasnt the case.


Lately I've gone back playing MW3  as a mate bought it and wanted comapny. I have lost count the amount of times I had the drop on a guy, and he all of a sudden goes form standing straight to prone in literally a flash.


Now not even a full year after MW3 they release ANOTHER game.


maybe some one can tell me what there trying to accomplish other then creating Cash Cows and not creating a game for the Gamers.



Ive been a Console Game since I was 6 years old, and started gaming on PC's when i was 15. Some games I prefer on Console and other games such as most FPS's I prefer on PC, personal preference and all that.




Now that my little rant is over, ill end it on this.


MW2,BO,MW3 have so much potential but have been wasted. especially MW2 and MW3.



Your thoughts?

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    Yep, hoped they would just stick their heads together to form some kind of an anti-cheating system. I think thats one of the biggest issues at the moment, at least in my opinion. They are way too focused on getting a game out every year. Instead of that, they should combat all the negative sides of the CoD series first, but yeah, who am I to say different, right?

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    The problem as I see it is that the overall attitude of COD multiplayer has been getting more and more twitchy and spastic. Many factors contribute to this.


    Foremost, map design. COD maps have been getting filled with visual obstructions and path intersections. To be forthright, you can't see s***. And since every given point of the map has at least two different vulnerable flanks, you'll always have an exposed blind spot that can be reached by the enemy. The only way to get out of that is to hide in a corner and wait. Lame, 'nuff said.


    Because its getting increasingly difficult to use your eyes to spot threats, players become dependent on their radar. Since radar isn't always trustworthy, the game becomes so much less about aiming and shooting, and more into a twisted recreation of hide 'n seek.


    And making things even more strange, the spawns often become unpredictable and jumble up the teams together. Combine that with the visual obstructions and over-abundant flanking routes, and the result is that at any moment, there's a high chance that an enemy may spontaneously appear right onto your unprotected back. What skill or tactic can prevent this from killing you? Well, camping in a corner is one, but we don't want players to have to rely on doing this. Constantly hopping and diving like a lunatic may buy you time, but that's just an obnoxious placebo to the real issue. You can always just download wall-hacks or an aimbot, guess that's the most legitimate solution yet.


    But let's take a second to back up and examine the rammifications of this situation. What it really says to me is since everyone is constantly appearing on someone else's flanks, then presuming this mechanic is deliberate (and I believe it is) that random luck is the most influential factor in normal gameplay, while skills like marksmanship, timing, and good cover use become incidental. If you're trying to make a game where everyone has some chance of getting a handout or two, then that works great.


    But I for one don't want dumb luck to decide my fate. I'd much rather handle that myself. Unfortunately the current spawn system and map design were deliberately created precisely to ensure that diligence on a given player's part isn't what really matters. Every time I'm reminded that this is the case, I die a little inside. Can you even call it a competitive game if a player's input really is irrelevant?


    "Ha! Owned you, noob!" ....."Oh wait, no. I didn't do jack squat. Game handed me another freebie."


    Gee, that's rewarding.

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      I feel what you are saying.  I have no proof but I am inclined to believe what you say about the spawn system.  I have had countless games where I would go on a run and get a 5 or 7 kills in a row and when I would die I would spawn in someone's sights 3 or for times in a row. 


      It happens so much I don't feel like it is random.  It feels like the game is trying ot balance the scores or something.


      Any way I agree.

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    My thoughts are this.  I have played all the cod's with the exception of 3 because it was not released on pc.


    Generally I agree with your assessment.  However, for me what makes a good game has to do with content and my ability to buy in.  Cod United Offensive, Cod2, 4, mw2 (single player only), World at War and Black Ops in my opinion are the best. 


    I just got done with bo2 sp and played a bit of the mp.  I am thinking that it is the end for me.  Why the cod brand insists on making the pc mp version a console experience is beyond me.  It absolutely ruins the game.  I do not want to wait in a lobby for a map to start only to discover my ping in terrible.


    As far as the sp story goes, whatever...pretty bad really.


    The good thing is World at War, black ops and cod 4 are still kicking.

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      Im inclined to agree with practically everything your saying people. I mean back in CoD2 [2005], you spawned away from the action all the time, so instantaneous spawn **** didnt exist.


      from MW2+ the CoD series are Console games brought over to the PC imo.


      Im actually installing CoD2 at the moment. Im fed up of relying on someone elses connection.


      With regards to our opinions, the gamers opinions falling on deaf ears or of course, deffo. I mean if they actually listened to the PC gamer we would have one hell of a game.


      An FPS in my opinion isnt what Call of duty is today. Its so over encumbering. People can actually sit in a corner and get insane k/d ratios.

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        I am fairly certain that because the cod console game is very popular, that there is an assumption by the poducers that that version of the game is the best version of the game.  And the pc players should share in the goodness that is given to the console players. 


        Does anybody here remember Beta Max?  It was a competing platform of video tape machines that were in direct competition with VHS.  Beta was a superior platform to the VHS.  But Beta was far more expensive to run it cost more to buy the machine and the tapes cost more.


        VHS on the other hand was poorer quality but was more affordable to more people.  Thus it became the preferred platform and beta was run out of business.


        In our case the PC is the Beta and the consoles are the VHS.  We are doomed.


        PCDEV if you are listening, if I wanted to play the game on a console I would have bought a console. 


        The console gaming experience in comparrison to the pc gaming experience is just terrible.  But I guess in the this case it is the same experience and it is just terrible.


        When will you guys get that pc gamers play on pc because the console sucks!  We don't want the console experience on pc.  OMG!


        I suppose if I am in the minority of pc players and the majority of pc players actually do want the console experience on the pc then I suppose gaming has passed me by.  But I do not think that I am wrong.  People play on pc because of the good options that come with the pc version.  Not because they want to play a console game on the pc.  OMG! 


        I know I am getting reduntant but I just don't know why this is happening.  I am sure it has to do with money and focus groups I suppose.  LOL! 


        Sorry I am pissed.

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          Well ill start off by saying this. I love playing the old Console games as ive been playing console games since I was 6. I love the PS1, PS2, N64 emulators etc. Love them. I even own a PS2 and 2 PS3's. Oone PS3 is for genuine online gaming, the other,..well not so legitmate. That aside i love console games.




          For me personally an FPS game is played on PC, its at a faster pace and theres something that you cant get on Console. Twitch Players. I was a Speed sniper in CoD2 like ive said umpteen times but I wa a twitch shooter too. I seen someones head, I twitched and boom his heads gone. You cant have that on the Console because no matter how high the sensitivty is, its still not PC.


          Fair enough the CoD Series on Console is awesome and works great but it fails on PC. Every PC is different unlike consoles whosspecs are all the same if not slightly different in minor area's.


          The reason COunter Strike as a series maintain the number #1 online spot for FPS was simple. No Bullsh!t air strikes etc etc. If you were good, you were good! all up for debates about this but the Devs are c0cknockers in my opinion.