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MP game keeps pausing - thanks to ""Starting Upload of File: backupkey"

Okay this will be long, but I want to give you details, and info on what I have attempted to resolve this by myself.


I get pauses in Black Ops multiplayer. These last about 3 seconds. This happens every 2-3 minutes.


When i pull up the console history, i see these lines, that are causing this problem:


"Starting Upload of File: backup#" (started at 1, now up to 31)

"Starting Upload of File: backupkey"


"Successfully wrote backup# to dw."  (XXXms)

"Successfully wrote backupkey to dw." (XXXms)


From what I've gathered, "dw." refers to the DemonWare servers which store my game stats. This just suddenly started happening a couple weeks ago. I believe my stats are being backed up to the master servers multiple times during a match, instead of between matches.


I've looked at friends' console histories, and no one else gets these lines about backing up files to dw.


It happens on ALL servers. It only happens when i pressmy left mouse button. This never occurs during a warmup. It happens in spectator mode.


If I use my account on another computer, it happens. If someone else tried it with their account on MY computer, it does not. It IS associated with my particular account.


Things I have tried to resolve it:


Removing router, and connection directly to modem.


Reinstalling Black Ops.


TWICE,  removed all Steam games, and Steam itself, then removing all leftover folders and registry files (following Steam uninstall/cleanup guide on Steam support apge)


Turning Off Steam Cloud support in general, and for Black Ops specifically.


Deleting my UserGameStats_10313297_42710.bin and UserGameStatsSchema_42710.bin files found in my Steam folder.


Opening ports in router for Black Ops and Steam.


Enabling UpNP for router.


setting "seta stats_backup "1"" to "0" in config_mp.cfg.


Changing WAN IP.


Disabling software firewall.





So I've tried MANY things to get this fixes. nothing has worked. This actually started after the servers went down for those few days following hurricane Sandy.


I'll do almost anything to get this to stop, as it is ruining my game. I'd even be willing to have all my stats erased, and start from scratch. I'll start another Steam account if you folks can cancel my current Black Ops purchases and give me a new one.  If I knew it'd work, I may even consider buying whole new copies of the game and all DLCs.



As you may guess, this has been driving me bonkers. If you can do ANYTHING to help, I'd greatly appreciate it.


thank you for your patience.