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    they are trying to hard to cater to noobs with sh*t connections. you cna't please everybody!

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    That's for certain, i am not paying for something i cannot play. I bought the Elite Premium and got shafted there with the discounts to the DLC so that it would've been cheaper to get separetly, and the fact that playing with DLC made MW3 lag even more. Not making the same mistake.

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    Game is unplayable as it is, before the patch, had no issues, now the lag or lag comp is just killing it.  Killcams keep showing me not shooting or shooting way later then it should....

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    I had no problems before the patch, I dominated every lobby I entered. As soon as I downloaded the patch my KD dropped dramatically and now can barely break even. Without the lag compensation I am one of the best players in the world(seriously) but with it I can barely hit a barndoor.


    60 meg Virgin media fibre optic. Clearly Treyarch think I need to be handicapped.

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    Yeah well i am not that great, average or above average depending on how you look at it so i am gonna have bad matches regardless but i have no problem admitting if someone is truly better than me, but with a decent connection i can hold my own against most players, and wreck the casual ones...


    But now it feels like i'm a 0,3 K/D noob on his first CoD game going against MLG Pro's, i get absolutely anniahliated if the oppposition is any good or even average, barely break even or get one or 2 more kills than deaths in most lobbies full of noobs if play carefull and flank them (rushing is out of the question), and seem to be losing all 1v1 situations regardless on reacting first and shooting on target.


    WHAT THE HELL HAVE THEY DONE TO THE SERVERS / MATCHMAKING ?? All search options produce laggy lobbies in pubs and if this is truly ping based how is it possible that they match me up with guys on 2 or 3 bars and i'm lucky to see one guy from my country in a TDM lobby. They are filled with laggers from accross Europe. Last week i could just find a another lobby if i was unlucky to get into a laggy one and those were usually tolerable, on launch this game played perfect, it felt nice after a year of raging with MW3 to kill people without using a half or full clip and actually winning at close range.


    I'm so goddam pissed i don't even feel like playing no more.

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    I'm experiencing the same thing, It all started post patch b/c launch night was great for me. Best search preference puts me in lobbies with people from Cali/texas when I'm in illinois. Most of the lobby is 2-3 bars and I'm getting owned. Every match the 3 bar guy is always near the top or at the top. I can hold my own in CoD, get some amazing games and have a few average ones depending on the lobby I'm in, but post patch Its a struggle to go even let alone positive. My accuracy is still around 25% which is what I don't understand I'm hitting people they're just not dying, and I'm an assist machine.

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    cant they just use the mw2 format that used to be brilliant game play you shot someone you got a kill none of this lag comp crap.

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    Yeah post patch has made it unplayable. I got a perfet connection on launch, then it was a bit a hit and miss with all that was going on with the servers on day 2, then usually i could find good lobbies but now it doesn't matte which playlist or search preference you use, i get hammered in most situations thanks to lag.


    I really hope they can bring it back to where it was with many local people in lobbies and usually on 4 bars only with no hit detection and lag issues.


    I changed the title of this the discussion because lag compensation might have not been the best choise of words, i think the issues we are having now have more to do with lag caused by flawled matchmaking.

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    This lagging is doing a number on my stats too, between playing at launch and the lagging past few days I've gone from 2,11->1,38 on K/D, 1,5->0,95 W/L, and 350->275 SPM. I know they don't mean that much but it still pisses me off because even though i am not the best player we again have a game on our hands where your stats mostly reflect only which side of the lag you've been on. And a hindered performance naturally makes levelling up and completing challenges a lot harder it should be.


    Has there been any word from the devs they are looking into this ? They have completely messed up the game either on 1.03 or on one of the hotfixes they pushed through many times last weekend... Or do we just have to deal with this because David Vonderhaar isn't lagging while the forum slowly but surely fills up with threads of people complaining about lag. I'm hoping that is not the case.

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    Is it the patch causing this. I got the game 2 days ago so i've only played it with the latest patch. For the first hour or so iti played very good up until i was about level 12 then it all turned to crap and is getting worse. Ffa doesnt play too bad. Any time i play a team game it is terrible.


    Also i've noticed a few times when the game starts, i'm still waiting for it to start yet i can hear the game already playing. This is from a pre game lobby, not a joined game. I'm talking a good 10 second delay. The leader already has 3-4 kills.


    This is with a 19 mb connection, tried the 3 search settings, they are all as bad as each other. I like this game and had no issues with freezing etc . Just the connections seem to swing from the good and bad side of acceptable a little bit too much. I hope they fine tune it. Bit of lag dont bother me i'm used to it and can change my game slightly. But at the moment i basically cant do anything 19 out of 20 games.

    Other than that i actually like the game