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How to Join the Glory Clan (Xbox 360 Only)

Group Requirements:


- Must Be 14 Years old and up and cannot be higher than 18. (I hate Creepers)

- You must change your Xbox Gamertag to Glory something. (Optional) 

- You must change your clan tag to -GC- (Not Optional)

- K/D does not matter.

- Must be a Pro at this game.

- Must be a Prestige 2 and up.

- Must be active.

- Must have at least 2 or 3 Premium Elite Membership to record my online vault.

- Must Send me a Friend Request on Xbox Live. (My Gamertag is Glory Leader)

- You must get along with your Clan and Leader or else you'll be kicked.

- You must have Call of Duty.

- Lastly, if I set a beacon on Xbox saying Glory Leader wants friends to play with something then you have to join to have a clan meeting or practice.


(Note: I don't always set a beacon so  check your friends list and join my game)




Sincerely - Glory Leader