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Patch 1.19

Infinity Ward, this patch is ridiculous. I get to play maybe one full game of every five. Please change it back, I'd rather play a full game with a wallhacker than short parts of games.(which still have 'unknown' cheaters)


Additionally, what qualifies a 'known' cheater? I get accused of cheating quite a bit(even though I often have a mediocre score such as 27-19). Let's say these people report me, would I be classified as a cheater and then stuck in multiple lobbies with cheaters, or is it based on some other system?


If anybody could enlighten me on this, that would be lovely.

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    If any one plays well in this game "any other for that matter" the first thing typed up on screen is Cheater and to be honest it will stay that way for some time to come, simply because they are so many cheats in this game, and yes if you read how this anti cheat works if some one leaves the game half way through then it just stops the game and asumes that player has left because they was some one cheating, and the chances are he / she would not get to play with those in that game again "well that's my view on what I have read so far" and the outcome is cheats will play against cheats and lagit players should end up playing each other, or something like that. but I may be wrong and will be corrected

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      You make a good point, Hootymadman. Oftentimes I see people who are clearly skilled players (knowledge of spawns, using sound, etc) who are wrongly accused of cheating by the lesser skilled players. It's quite ridiculous and, if this system is based on reports, will make it very unreliable.

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        Sounds are the most common ways of detecting other players are near, and using a decent headset works wonders. you can hear a player running over ammo or the click of a uav, etc even movement through grass dropping off a step gives them away, Our clan play cod 4 and I often get "how did you know I was there" typed up on the screen, you ran over some ammo and I turned and seen you??? and that's from our own clan members, learn to play and don't just run about shooting, I always stop for a couple of seconds listen then move, plus you get a big red dot on the map that gives a players possion away,and the direction of the shot is a good give away.  tactics use tactics I tell them, don't just run around like a newbie

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        My k/d in most games, including MW3 is around 0.8 (which in english is somewhere between crap and poor) - I get called a cheater now and again.


        You gotta laugh, but given the commonality of hacking in MW3, it's to be expected.

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    Well anyway, I believe we've established that people are paranoid about cheaters (rightfully so, I guess), but I wanna know more about this patch.