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DLC collection 4 for PC

According to numerous sites; DLC 4 for PC is SUPPOSELY being released today. I have seen NOTHING here, or on Steam to verify this. Anyone have a clue, or are we PCers gettign shafted yet AGAIN?

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    wierd worlds are these

    If it is being released today, it may not appear on Steam until the release time.


    But again I like you and probably many others have not seen anything mentioned about it from a "Official" source.

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      And they think we will invest in yet another DLC, I got the first two and cant find a game for over 10-30 mins without disabling it, and when you do get into a game you get thrown into hack heaven, if they really wanted the PC community to get back on the boat then they need to clean up this game big time, otherwise I can see only a handfull of people buying this DLC but Im not one of them.

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    Well, I just downloaded a 20 MB update to the game. But in the store, there is still nothing about Final Assult's DLC. Usually these kinds of things are released midnight PDT, so it's strange to not see anything by 1:00 PM EDT.


    I don't have much time to play it today anyway (tomorrow is my day off) but I'm a little concerned the DLC is late.

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    You guys can all download the Collection 4 now. It has been available on Steam Store for about 15 mins.


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    Разработчики, вы утомили клепать говно карты и требовать за них как за целую игру.





    Developers, you have wearied rivet **** cards and demand for them as for the whole game.

    WHEN YOU FINALLY GET BANNED TO ALL cheaters, can not play.

    Can not - give me back my money.

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    I have downloaded Final assault, but the game says that "DLC content is required, Required map Decommission is missing or damaged. Gain access by purchasing a map pack" and it does not work somehow, please help!!

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      I only buyed the first DLC but my games lag much more when enabled. Prolly cause the smaller player pool. I always disable it and am not going to buy anything anymore of them. I am willing to invest in games, but not in this shitcrap cheat and lagfest.

      I hope people will wake up at activision and get some honor out of their work and ******* do some aftersales support.

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    Did anyone else lose MITD game mode after the new dlc?  Mine is missing from my list.


    Update.  Nevermind I figured it out.

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    I purchased DLC Collection 4 for PC and went through the double downloading for MW3 and MW3 -Multiplayer


    Then I tried to play and no new maps, I was kind of worried that I bought the combined DLC'S 1-2-3 = DLC 4


    well I check the DLC under options and I see SteamTestApp located under DLC 1 DLC 2 DLC 3 and then SteamTestApp####




    Would like to play these new maps I had for a week now

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      Ok everyone. Here's how you fix the DLC not showing up issue. Just go to your steam folder directory and delete the "appcache" folder and restart steam. Then launch the game through singleplayer..not multiplayer and it should work fine after that.

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    same problem here... open NAT, no firewall problems or blocks reported.... DLC4 only has a few users online at a time it lloks like? why isn't it backwards compatiable????

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    to hell with DLC collection, I bought 2 about 3 months ago and I played about a week after that no more than to go off ops and other spcial nothing works, I want my money back 15e enough as we wait for return 2 are not safe collection do not buy or want to buy a collection collection 4, but to hell with them to collect a normal MP game