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Its funny how "clans" pick and choose!!!

For all you so call plan watch out you all are dumb doing "tryouts" acting like you are better then everyone else because your in a clan. Please explain how you are better then everyone else if your a team of friends ganging up on people making fun of them like again your better when truth is your not. My own clan is (509)Prettyboikfed20 i have been going around since black ops 2 came out waiting for you clans to make fun of my gamertag then be prepared for the game of your lifes i have many skills sniping, quick scope, sticky expert, shock charge stick, you name it i will show you that your entire team doesnt make you good!! i have been searching for a clan for along time now been through dumb tryouts of clans teaming up on me to prove myself when truth is im better then half your team!!! I am now recruiting any and all who agree with me and would like to make a clan or just own clans who think there good and better i will not join any clan nor make myself look like a fool just to prove myself how about you prove yourself to me that you wanna get back, no dumb clan names just same numbers is all i ask. Add my gamertag above to see my stats im on all the time during the evenings hunting down and destroying whos next..

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    Hey Fed20!  I hope your clan gets off the ground in a big way.  COD needs more clans like yours!  I'm starting a PS3 clan myself with the same no tryout philosophy and I hope to find people with your intensity that want to take some jerks off their pedestals.


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    I am the clan leader for Wretched Mafia and we have never had stupid try outs or K/D requirement. Its stupid. Some people that play the objectives do not have a high K/D because thet try to play the game the way it was meant to be played, not sit back wait for someone to run up and then shoot them in the back. For me thats a BS way to play. But eveyone paid for the game and some people do that. We are on xbox hit me up sometime.

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    Listen, I can understand where your coming from, but some people that have high ranked clans and have sponsers and can't just pick up anyone because they want those sponsors to stay with them so they get paid. Also, to the pricks who just team up on one person with 4 people on your clan that proves you that your clan is trash and not the person, so next time think before you do something stupid (to all clans who team on tryouts). Finally, Prettiboikfed20 thanks for letting me use this to get that out.

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    Yes, I agree with your philosophy about teams ganing up on a single player to make themselves feel better about them selves. But I also agree with Pyrofreak. Yo are not the only one with that view. My clan/community is a multiplatforming community where we do not have "tryouts" but we do have a trial month. This month is used to see if the new members can live up to our standards of maturity, our belief that the game is meant for the players to have fun and not B*tch at eachother, and that the new members can uphold the communities name and not ruin the game for the rest of us. This is why we have sponsors. The new members use the trial month to see if they want to be in BCC and if an older member is willing to put his reputation and dignity on the line for this new member. This process builds trust and friendship among the community members. So I think it all depends on your use of the word "tryout."