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Frontier internet for online play

I'm getting Xbox Live Gold fairly soon, and am finding myself wondering; is my Frontier internet connection good enough? I'll be using wireless by the way, and last speed test I got 21ping, 7+mb down and .7+ up. Can anyone tell me if this is a good or bad thing please???

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    hey man, I'm dealing with a lot of lag with that same speed test. Connection interupted screens frequently, not once have I seen my connection bar in the green. Yellow at best. Its such a shame..


    I bitched my way out of Frontier, they're upgrading my modem so I can have 15 mb down, not sure what my up is. and thats what matters with COD. If the upgrade doesn't work I don't have to pay the 200 dollar cancellation fee. thank god for the customer is always right. fudge frontier in their fudge hole