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PC gamer went and tried out XBOX MW3...


I have just recently tried out MW3 on the XBOX for the last few days before BO2 rolling out. I am originally a PC gamer but want to try something new. So i got a copy of MW3 for XBOX.

I have had over 500hrs for MW3 on Steam so i basically know "how to play" this game. I had experience with the controller before, not absolutely know how to use it totally but i am good enough to know how to aim and shoot people.

  Most of the match, i play like i always do, PTFO. Domination is pretty much what i play, sometime mix up with some TDM for relaxing.

But i was plain wrong.

The whole experience of MW3 on XBOX is way worse than i expected. Now i understand why there are so many people claim this game to have so many noobs , slayers, and campers and make it such a huge deal. Because basically, all they were talking about , is people con consoles  (point directly to XBOX 360 community). 9 out of 10 games that i play, the other team will camp in a corner or somewhere in the map that they can "boxed in",when my team will just do nothing and "re-camp" somewhere else. I used to defend this game infront of hates and such thing, because non of those were even exist on the PC or such not a big deal at all, but now i understand why some CoD veteran has to say the samething just because of this poor community, mostly consoles players.

Then i figure it out, dealing with camper in this game and on these consoles with the controller is a different story than on the PC. Why? Because with the controller, you will not be able to get the extreme accuracy from the mouse.NEVER. Dealing with campers never be a huge deal on PC because most of a good PC gamers can zero-in the target after ADS less than a second and ready to fire back. With the controller, unless you are extremely familar with the stick and the sesitivity , you will lose the camper in a gunfight just because they have advantage over you on the position and most of the time, they have already been ADS.

Then i figure it out, there are only about 40% of gamers on this XBOX Live Community are willing to play the objective or actually good at the game. I was surprised , how i have to save the team asses from being kicked as a PC gamer using a controller , something i don't have much experience with. It just make me want to rage quit the game so many time just because my team doesn't do sh!t and the others just plain camping.

So i want to ask, why guys? people on consoles helps me fill in the blank here, why ? Why make this game become the worst game in the gamers' eye? Now i want to defend the game i like but i can't anymore because of the surprising truth on the consoles world.

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    The key issue for anyone coming from PC FPs games is how bad the controller is compared to a mouse and keyboard setup. Im also an ex PC gamer (played the Quake/UT series very heavily many years ago) and I have to say its extremely tempting to use the xim3 to facilitate a mouse/kb which provides a MAJOR advantage in the right hands ie hardened PC FPS players. But I cannot justify the price for a xim3 and I've got used to the inferior controller but mainly.. I'd rather beat people on equal terms. There will also always be a measurable skill difference between console and PC, PC has a more hardcore gaming crowd whereas consoles have a huge casual gaming population. However I quite like the sheer number of noobs on consoles, easy pickings. Just get used to the controller and readjust your game accordingly and you'll see.

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      I think the problem is from the controller and the fan base as well. Because of casual players are extremely crowded in this game, the good players have the ability to just camp their ass off to get a good game. and from the fact that they are already familiar with the controller and sensitivity, others will have a hard time just to zero-in the camper and fight back. I always feel like i need a sec and a half just to identify where the campers is and then struggling to find the moment to stop moving the stick. in that 1,5 secs, you are already dead.

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    Played MW3 mostly for Xbox but have played a lot for pc due to my friend buying it and I borrowed it for a long period. I cannot agree with most of what you said due to the fact you are implying that the pc doesn't have the same problems as well with how people play.


    EDIT: also you lose points in playing cod on pc period due to there being to many better shooters to play for pc if you have the means to do so. cod is for consoles not pc in terms of if your going to choose to play a shooter on pc and have the abilitly to do so then I would not play cod. I would sooner go back to CS 1.5 than play cod for pc.

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      I am not trying to say that my experience must be the same for everyone, i know that.

      I have been playing PC shooters for over 10 years, you can start that with Quake back in the day before i started to go all the way with Counter Strike series (start with v1.1)

      My experience on PC with MW3 is totally different from what i experienced on XBOX. I don't say that there are campers on PC but it doesn't happen all the time. But on XBOX, people camp every game i play. My whole strategy for each maps are based on the way the game flow on PC, but on Consoles, people will just duck in somewhere and hope for a guy running around looking for heat spot of the map and just blow the head off.

      And even with Campers , i don't have a hard time to deal with them at all, maybe not you who play on consoles for most of the time and not too familiar with the mouse, With the mouse in less than half of a second, a good PC gamers can zero you in and ready to fire back. With some good Rifle like the M4A1 or ACR, it makes the deal even easier.

      Talking about FPS on PC, i play the whole lot of them, not only COD, i got BF3, BF2, BFBC2 , ARMA 2, AA3 (America Army 3) , CS 1.6 , CSS, CSGO... even with games you probably never heard before.

      and BTW, they don't run CS 1.5 , it is 1.6 before Valve makes the whole deal on Source my friend. , good old cs_italy i still love.

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    I am an Xbox guy.  I played COD:4 on the PC and console, but that is the only COD game that ever did on the PC.


    I played it with.....a controller.  Believe it or not, I did pretty well.  The PC just moves better because of the "dead zone" that consoles have for controllers, not to mention the connection issues were non existent.  Even if you were to get the XIM, the one thing people don't realize until they start using it, is the dead zone will mess with the mouse as well.  The only advantage is that you can amp your sensitivity up 10, which helps negate the effects of the DZ and has the added bonus of added aim assist.

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      i don't belive COD 4 support Controller... But anyway, you are a PC gamer doesn't mean you can't do well with the controller.

      It is just me who have been playing with PC since i was a kid and had not touched the controller until very recently.

      I am just expressing my own experience from a view of a hardcore PC gamer.

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    i too started playing on PC and switched to Xbox. this was during MW2 however.


    one thing i noticed from both communities. they both had problems with campers, they both had problems with noobtubers. but the PC was worse by far with the problem of hackers. on Xbox i run into the odd modded controller but they can be beaten as it only affects there fire rate. but the amount of aimbots and wallhacks i saw on pc was unreal.