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No more!!


I'm done! I'm sick of the obscene amount of head glitching. The 1sec lag delay is atrocious . The games audio is terrible, the list goes on! Why don't we stand up against these companies and demand a game worthy of our hard earned money? Let me explain my gripes, all the cover spots on every map only shows shoulder to 2in of your head.....really after all this time you designers can't figure out how to fix that or is it that you don't care? The lag is self explanatory. Why is it I can't hear foot steps with out awareness and even then it's barely at normal volume? Why are the maps so god awful, so chaotic why 8 different lines of sight and entry. Why are the graphics still so 2009? Go ask IW if you can borrow their engine and get so decent graphics for the love of god! Why is the spawn system so screwed? Do you not test these games out before release? No, because if you did these problems wouldn't be so damn abundant. It's just come down to the simple fact that IW and Treyarch are no longer respectable companies I trust to put out a good game, you guys should have taken a page or to from and Bungie and 343 because they somehow have their **** together. COD series is no longer for me, I hope you read this and at least put a little thought into the next one you make. Take your time next time perfect it, test it, make sure these reappearing issues get fixed because its getting a little old.