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Excuses, excuses...


I'm done with all the complaints. I get screamed at for using a shotgun or an LMG (L86 ftw). It's a crime to knife. If I managed to get close to you and you are using a SMG... you need to evaluate your aim. Don't get mad at me for killing you, play the game until you get better. If I can take you out with a AA-12 in hardcore while you're using the ACR (1 shot in HC), you're just plain bad. Practice makes perfect and whining is for children.

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    dont forget that u cant quickscope, hardscope, try hard, use assassin, dead silence, stalker, sitrep, shotguns, mp7, fmg, type 95, acr, mk14, launchers, or your knife. and probably some things i missed as well. they are all unfair *sarcasm*