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Why so laggy with excellent internet connection

I have fibre glass internet connection with 50 mb download and a ping stationary between 5 and 35 ms ping but black ops 2 is unplayable. Also my pc runs on 8 core zambezi with 32 gig memory on a 64 bit system with a hd6950, so the problems can't occur because of my pc or internet connection. On mw3 never had lagg problems or lagg compensation that high. This really ruins the game for me. Already thinking off selling this BO 2 and going back to mw3. They have at least dedicated servers were you can play reasonably fluent. Hope you fix the problems real fast or you're gonna loose a lot of pc players. Not that you care about that because the game is console based and there you can get the big bucks

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    Is it the gameplay that's laggy or is it the graphics? Based on your specs your graphics should be smooth. As for the gameplay, I have very little if any problems with lag and I've played quite a few hours.  I've got an i7 2700k sandy bridge CPU / 16gigs ram / geforce 660ti video card. I play with all settings up (textures on highest, shadows on highest, depth of field on highest and 4x Anti Aliasing, all at 1920x1080) and it's very smooth. I have u-verse high speed internet at >20mbps which is still a lot lower than you, so you should not have lag.

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      Is this any helpful to my cause, no this is not. Next time get me a solution or don't answer, i know i should not have lagg.  Great connection, good graphics card, pc is up to the task but still very little to none progress in the lagg situation. secondly it does not matter if it's gameplay or graphics i should not have lagg anyway with my system. At least they tuned down the lagg comp.  But it is still one of the badest games ever made.