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Some Problems :S

Hello first of all i want to say that i have a Wii ( DUH ), but Okay....


I quited the wii for a long time and then i wanted to start over again on the wii because its fun ( I dont give a **** about graphics mw3 for wii has great graphics ).

Ok so i reinstalled my wii to default started the game MW3 FOR WII and then i went to Multiplayer,

And made an account logged in and didnt ask for a update....

So i think that im not able to download update because when i go to spec ops it says "Theres an update available for mw3 please go to multiplayer in order to download the latest update >Press YES or NO< pressed "Yes"....

And still nothing happened it can only find some matches in TDM but still can any 1 explain me why I am experiencing this?

Because i would love to play on Wii and download the updates.


Any Information nor solvements will be appreaciated!.


Thanks for your time to read all this ;D