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Can I join some ones clan plz

Please let me in I really like the cool titles and emblems

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    Hey Mine,


    Buddie, i know exactly a great, fun, strong, huge and active clan for you! eXILeD clan.


    eXILeD is a clan for everyone! Teamplayers, snipers, rushers etc. In our clan we have squads for every differnet gamer, we also have 2x practice a week to get our skills better.


    At our site you have a award system, a live chat box, and forums about discussions about mw3 or Bo2 etc. We also have a facebook group for our members, for dailly updates.


    Ps3: MW3 ( lvl 50 ) / BlackOps2

    Xbox360: MW3 ( lvl 50 ) / BlackOps2 / Halo2 

    Pc ( comeing soon )


    In our clan its kinda important to get a high clan level, at mw3 our clan is lvl 50, we hope we can get BO2 high to soon :D


    We have now like 120 members, and i hope to see you to :D


    Check out our website: www.exiled-clan.com ( recruit video there to )

    Check out our thread for more information: http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200551048

    Check our elite also out: career > search bozoow > click on my clantag ( the link doesnt work :/ )


    I hope to see you at us site, i will be there to help you, please dont forget to say i sended you :D