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No games found.....for a month WTF?

Ok so I don't know if this issue has come up before or if it is well known. Ever since DLC pack 4 came out which I downloaded a day or two after it was released I get in every game category "No Games Found" except for standard TDM when of course DLC is enabled, when it isn't the game works fine as it always has. My problem is though I no longer have access to levels which I have spent over $30 on including the face-off levels like vortex and w/e other ones (I dont even know their names because I haven't been able to play them since I bought them after DLC pack 4). So to narrow down the possibilites included in your responses, I have had no change in my internet connection, I have deleted all DLC and re-installed them and nothing has changed, and again this all started with the Downloading of DLC pack 4 which when I tryed to re-install all the others thinking 4 was the problem, COD wont let you play any DLC if not all of what you have purchased is installed. So I am lost guys, never really been into first person shooters until this game I play it all the time and it is very dissappointing to have this happen to such a good time waster.


Anyways it's bumming me out pretty bad, any help would be appreciated, thanks for your reply in advance