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Map Pack 2: Sanctuary, Foundation, Oasis (Survival on-line: NOT WORKING)


Posted 11/24


Downloaded DLC Terminal free 11/1 worked fine getting online in survival mode


Downloaded DLC Map Pack 2: Sanctuary, Foundation, Oasis 11/24


Tried to play someone on-line...Nothing...no game Found. Only can play someone if they host and bring me over to DLC.


Now that I have paid for my downloaded Map Pack 2, Terminal does not work either in Survival mode (worked from 11/1-11/23 finding game match). Only MW3 Maps on CD have worked from 11/24 on....What is the Problem


Please Help...cannot get thru to activision. Called PS3 store and we deleted all MW3 files and reloaded everything 2X...Same Problem. I also stopped using wi-fi connection and went to cable connection; does not make any difference.




Waiting to get a response back via e-mail to Activision Support, have not heard back yet

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    Finally got thru to Activision only to find out that although my game with code: BLUS 30887, although sold in US, is French. Activision does NOT support a French version even if it was sold here in US and will not give me support to do so. 


    I tried setting up new user in French to see if the code shown was the same as my game, but PS3 advised me against this. Out $14.99 or have to buy new game with code: BLUS 30838 in PS3 store can you believe it. I saw plenty of people in US say DLC Maps didnt work.


    The kicker is the Free Terminal download was BLUS 30838 and that code worked on-line on my game; was able to play others. Once I downloaded paid Map Pack 2 DLC content, Terminal or any of them DID NOT let me get on-line anywore.


    Does Technical support ever respond to these posts? I have been waiting, bought maps 11/24 that is how long I have been trying to get this to work.