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Very few potential games found

On the day the first DLC came out for PC, i tried to play in a standard playlist (domination like always).


But I found that instead of the 29-50 potential games the matchmaking system would always find before, I was lucky to get 6 potential games. It was usually 2-3.


I then went and bought the DLC thinking that this was the issue (hey everyones playing the new maps surely! i was gonna buy the DLC eventually i just didnt feel like it before i had the trouble)


bought the DLC and went to play in a standard list. NOPE! 2-3 potential games


went into the collection playlist. NOPE! 2-3 potential games.


Turned DLC off. NOPE! 1-2 potential games.


Buying the DLC made it worse!


I tried using steam to verify the cache (no problems found btw!) and defragging the files (done in under 30 seconds) and still no improvement.


i scraped the bottom of the barrel by repeating the whole lot 'as admin' and even turned my router off for a while and turning it back on. NOPE!


so i committed the ultimate crime for a CoD fan - i went and bought BF3. played it until yesterday hoping that by the time I wanted to see if the problem was fixed yet  - that it was fixed.


booted up my game looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.


same as before.


I'm giving you guys 30 days to fix this. If that doesn't eventuate I am cancelling my pre-order for Black Ops 2 and I will become a permanent BF man.


So ym question is: Is there a fix for this nonsense?

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    No, there is no fix, there was a patch but no fix ! its because the DLC broke the game and split the lobbies into haves and have nots. it will only get worse as more DLC is released and more and more PC gamers get fed up and leave.

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    Yeah, I can barely play ANY hardcore modes, as in most there are less than 1000 players. How am I supposed to get a good connection with only 1000 people spread over all world wanting to play a particular gamemode? That's simply impossible.

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    IW broke it with the DLC update.   Doesn't look like they're in a rush to fix it.


    The game is dead. 


    As much as I enjoy the game, even with it's flaws, IW has done everything possible to to burry COD on PC. 


    We have received next to zero support from them. 


    The ONLY thing they can do to fix the game is unlock XP on dedicated servers and allow people to host ranked servers.   That resolves the hacking problems and gives DLC and Non-DLC people a way to find full lobbies with people they can play with.


    But that makes sense for IW to want anything to do with. 

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      It sure is dying.

      Daytime I cant find any games at all. Evenings and weekends its ony between 1-3 potential games, laggy as hell.


      Mostly I blame all the cheaters forcing so many to quit playing,
      -They really took out the fun of this game.

      Every other game has an aimbot or wallhacks dominating the whole game.


      Its a shame they are still allowed in MP....



      I think this is good buy, ntil next version...

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        What! your going to buy another game, they need to sort this mother out, before any one put more money in the bank of IW, yes we all like playing FPS games but come on PC gamers help your self, make them fix this before you make them more monies please think before you buy?????????????????????????

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    I can't believe ANYONE is still playting this game; let alone buying BO2.


    You guys really like pain?