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Secret to Quickscoping


So i've dabbled a bit into the quickscoping lately and I just don't get it.


I consider myself a really good sniper, drag shots, hard scopes etc. even though people whine and complain a lot I do believe it takes a lot of skill to snipe properly.


But i've tried quickscoping and I just don't get how people do it so well? I mean these kids are picking people off across the damn map! Is there a secret or trick to doing it? Or does it just take practice? 

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    The secret is just aim in the person's general direction and pull the trigger while scoping in. The auto-aim will do the rest

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    Oh, and don't forget, only players without pubic hair quickscope

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    I think there should be no aim assist for snipers


    Quickscoping is bullshit pure and simple

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    The snap shot effect is limited and now works best mid range dragging with the CPU attachment.


    A Qs / a popshot is done by first centering the target appropriately with your hip fire crosshair on their body center mass, now best done with the laser sight and shooting immediately once fully adsed. After a while you can center people very fast on instinct alone. It’s easier to do constantly in all the other cods as the snapshot effect is limited in this game, no biggie though as most pistols are great in this game cqb.

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    just press aim and then press fire within miliseconds and your good.

    game will take care of everything else lol.

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    i snipe the same way as you, every now and then i will pull off a lucky shot, i tried this qs stuff in combat training, im not sure if the aim assist is stronger in there or something but from what i learnt it really was all about hitting fire at the exact point the aim assist kicks in, the aim assist seems to have a 0.001 of a second where it locks on, obviously on multiplayer playrs are moving faster so it is a lot harder, but it seems to be about getting the timing right

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    Go back into theater and watch some of the more impressive quickscopes in slow motion, you'll see that the guy was way off and should have never registered a hit marker. I find it funny just how lucky QSers get with should be misses.


    All guns have their issues, but single shot weapons are meant for accuracy and for that you're rewarded quicker kills. For this reason I don't like QSing, too many lucky shots

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      Don't speak about theater mode over in the xbox forum... lol I made that mistake and was bombarded with how kill cams and theater are an inaccurate representation of everything. I watched a game of mine from drone where is felt like I was lagging like crazy. Curved bullets, insta deaths and so forth. In theater mode my first death was a quick scoper who killed me even though the aimed and fire at least 4 feet to the left of my position. His bullet hit the wall following a path I was never in.


      Pistols are the same way, no need to track a moving target. Just fire where you saw someone, don't try to track them, lag will take over and keep giving hit markers until dead aiming at nothing. I wish it worked for me.

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    Did they recently change something? I've seen videos like this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p8DTFgfCHY where the aiming is very fast, but when I try it takes A LOT longer to scope in..

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    Lots of practice...


    Also a giant sticker on your TV screen helps


    My Brother is actually really good at it ( without the sticker and modded controller), I'm not so good, guess it's a hand/eye thingy?

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    ^ practice. Take your time learning. It doesn't happen overnight and what people dont realize you have to learn to properly snipe b4 getting into qs. Dont strafe while scoping in, make sure your lined up on them b4 you scope in, and predict where they are going to be not where they currently are. Don't get discouraged if you miss, it happens. Most important Have fun with it as well. I warm up in combat training everytime I play and it's amusing.


    Don't listen to the scrubs who cry about qs'ing. Either they are the ones who just stand there in the scope to be an easy kill or they are just bandwagoning with others on the forums cause they can't quickscope and/or just rushing into gunfights. Qs is a technique the comes with time and experience. Good to hear you think of yourself as a good sniper, you know how hard it was to get started lol. They can cry all they want but honestly it's a way to kill someone in the game no different than noob tubes, rpg rusher, etc.


    Bo2 is a very balanced game and tbh I think the best cod so far. With that being said games are meant to be fun. So have fun and good luck learning. Check out YouTube tutorials by optic gaming or faze clan members to help learn qs'ing.

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    ow yeah make sure aim assist is on!!!!!!